iZombie “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1” Review

iZombie “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1” Review

What the fudge?! This episode was chock full of crazy from start to finish. We pick up right on the heels of the previous episode. Liv is featured on the front of a newspaper claiming that zombies exist in Seattle, which, DUH. For fear of being recognized, Liv decides to go into hiding by finally tanning and dyeing. While Rose McIver is a beautiful woman, there is something awesome about her zombie look, and I hope it makes a solid return very soon. The discovery of Harley Johns as a zombie is a big problem that Liv, Clive, and Major solve by locking him in a freezer, or so they think. Meanwhile, Katty Cupps, Ravi’s old boss ends up dead, and they have to figure out what happened to her and why she was killed. Liv eats her brain but before realizing she would be getting visions of Katty and Ravi having sex. While I thought it was funny, I thought it could’ve been delved into a little more. There is so much potential for a lot of humor, but the episode seemed overly dark.

Liv and Justin finally have “the talk” about what they are and decide they are a couple. Despite this, the pull of the brain that Liv is on is too strong, and she ends up sleeping with Chase Graves. While in his room, he discovers Katty’s name and room number written on a napkin on the nightstand. Liv’s suspicions are heightened, and it turns out that Chase may have killed Katty.

Peyton is approached by Baracus to be his Chief of Staff. While she is flattered, she is also worried about his involvement in the Weckler case. She tests him, and he seems to give no indication he knows anything. While I like that they are following through on this story with Peyton, I feel like there has been little to no connection to the other characters in the story. She seems kind of on her own.

Major reconnects with Natalie at the best possible time. Chase Graves has discovered that Major is human and fires him. The guys decide to throw him a going away party that ends in tragedy. The episode is insane and leaves so many questions that can’t possibly be answered in the time we have left. We still don’t know what is going on with Blaine’s dad, Blaine, Don E, the zombie hunters, and much much more! The iZombie writers have their work cut out for them, but we know they will stun us!

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