Lethal Weapon: “Spilt Milk” Review


Lethal Weapon “Spilt Milk” Review

PTSD and bad pills are not a good combination. Who knew?

Be warned, SPOILERS are in this review.

As I mentioned before, the Lethal Weapon series, though being a procedural, has proven to be less about over-the-top action, and more about the two cops who get into some crazy situations. This became more apparent with this character driven episode about a violent suspect who is a former Navy SEAL (played by guest star Michael Raymond-James, giving quite a good performance), suffering from PTSD, out to stop a pharmaceutical company that is running faulty clinical trails on former servicemen who have returned from overseas. This particular case gets quite personal for Riggs, being a former SEAL dealing with his own PTSD. Riggs not only sets out to bring the suspect in peacefully, but to also get him help. It doesn’t help that Riggs’ fellow officers see his connection to the suspect as damaging to the case.

Overall, the story this week was actually suspenseful, as we were looking at a suspect who was very dangerous in a ticking time bomb kind of way. The interactions between Riggs and the suspect were very well done. Their exchanges felt very genuine, as both characters dealt with similar situations while serving overseas. Because of these exchanges, Clayne Crawford was exceptional in this episode. Riggs’ casually walking along the edge of a tall building as he ate his breakfast is one of the character’s most hysterical introductions.

Damon Wayans’ scenes as Murtaugh was really good too, as we saw him spending some quality time with his teenage daughter, shooting hoops in their front yard. Murtaugh struggled keeping up with his own daughter during the game, and this gets him to question if he’s fit enough to keep chasing the kind of criminals he and Riggs were facing. Once again, Trish did a great job reassuring him he was doing just fine. Meanwhile, Roger was also showing his jealous side as he met Trish’s new, handsome, young assistant, Desmond (or “Denzel” as Roger kept calling him). Roger constantly bringing up his wife’s assistant throughout the episode, even when facing death as he activated a trip wire, was actually really hilarious. The line he says to Riggs: “Tell my wife I want her to die alone. And she needs to fire her assistant”, had me rolling.



The humor was all well placed, nothing seemed to fall flat. There wasn’t a lot of action, but there were plenty of over-the-top moments. One of those moments being when Murtaugh and Riggs needed to dispose of the suspect’s bomb in the pharmaceutical company’s high rise building. Having little time to think, Murtaugh jumps out the window and throws the bomb in the air while Riggs follows and shoots the bomb in mid air. The two fall to safety into a luxury pool. Hmm, what does that remind you of, huh? Lethal Weapon 2 perhaps? That’s what I’ve noticed about this show. There are some clever nods to the film series, as they don’t necessarily recreate scenes from the films, but the characters are put into similar situations. Not a bad idea, in my opinion.

This episode also flew right by. I love the pacing of this show despite the lack of giant action set pieces. Once again, the development of Riggs and Murtaugh continues to delight. They didn’t do much bickering this week. In fact, this case allowed Murtaugh to get a better understanding of who his partner is, and what he’s been through. The final scene with the two drinking beers on the roof of the same building Riggs did his balancing act on was so satisfying. As these two still have a while before they are truly good friends, these little moments between the two are what make watching this show worth it.

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