Review: Preacher 4×09, “Overture”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode six of Preacher, "The Lost Apostle" in which Jesse and the Saint go for a walk, with Cassidy and Tulip right on their tail.

Preacher is in the home stretch at this point and thinks are working out rather well. I have no idea if next week’s finale will bring it all home, but I also didn’t know the broadcast of the apocalypse countdown in this week’s episode would be very fun. Fortunately, “Overture” did have a lot of fun in providing multiple encounters with the evil take on God this show has set up, letting all of the characters have their chance to shine, in addition to telling one very entertainingly twisted comic book story for the week.

Following an opening that equips Jesse with a spiffy new eye patch and the knowledge that Tulip and Cassidy slept together during the three months that he was dead, things get off and running. The angel and demon have continued their never-ending battle, but they stop to help the trio get back to Grail headquarters in Masada. You see, they are the parents of Genesis, so it’s important to them that Jesse has a hand in taking down God’s plan…or something.

Throughout this episode, it appears God is unstoppable. It makes sense, he is God, and Mark Harelik is having a lot of fun playing this series’ version of him as a real jerk. More than that though, nothing seems to be stopping God from getting his way, as he uses his power to bat around anyone causing issues, including a hairdresser that creates a small ounce of pain to Humperdoo. This serves the all-mighty well in taking down Jesse and the gang in their initial approach.

Granted, we don’t really know what Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip had planned, outside of stopping Humperdoo from dancing, but there’s some fun comic book energy to them taking down Grail guards before God starts to meddle in this plan. The first stop is Cassidy, who gets all the tempting needed to betray his friends. Compared to recent weeks, there’s not a whole lot for Cassidy to do, but it’s a credit to the season that I understand where his head is at (even while the rest of him ends up in pieces).

Tulip’s situation is a bit trickier, as her character has had the most issues as far as proper development, yet there are terrific scenes involving her and God, among others. This week, for the little sense that it made beyond seeing God being cruel, he provides Tulip with a challenge to keep her calm. We already know God will prevail, but there’s enough excellent writing in this scene for that not to matter.

Jesse’s interaction with God is as interesting as it was before, with the added bonus of understanding why the preacher won’t use Genesis against him. It’s likely all a matter of time before he does, as I have certain expectations for how this all wraps up, but it lets some neat discussion and other things take place before the fun surprise reveal.

Having the Saint show up is an interesting wrinkle. I’m not sure what he gains out of killing Jesse, but that will also undoubtedly be revolved in next week’s finale. For now, there’s a lot of important people in one location, and it’s genuinely proving to make for an exciting series of events. A lot of neat things happened this week, and next week should also be quite explosive.

Even the extraneous stuff I’m less a fan of this season had its merits. Starr proved to be good for a few laughs, given his interactions with Featherstone. Many layered reveals were very funny, and the facial expressions to go along with them show just how much there was to gain out of Starr’s renewed image, even if he’s still the butt of every joke.

At the same time, the Hitler/Jesus stuff wasn’t terrible. In particular, Hitler encouraging Jesus to show god his breakdancing routine had the kind of impact I actually wanted to see. It’s ludicrous, but also very funny at the moment we get it, thanks to a sense of rejection that came with it. More and more Indian gamers want to enjoy their favorite games on the go in 2020. Online casino games are no exception. For this reason, more and more mobile casinos are optimizing their offerings for mobile gamblers who want to gamble on their Apple iPhone, iPad, OnePlus Android smartphone or Samsung tablet. Whatever happens with their fight, these two at least had one high note.

As things stand, Cassidy has an eye on Humperdoo, Featherstone is helping Tulip, and Jesse is face-to-face with The Saint, again. That should allow for plenty of cool things to happen in the series finale. I can only hope this series is more than just audacious when it comes to how the finale hour is delivered.

Preachin’ To The Choir:

  • “Man, these morning shows…” – That’s an arc I didn’t expect.
  • “What’s perpetuity mean?” – Jesse and Tulip haven’t had much to work with as a romantic pairing, but their interactions have their moments.
  • During the Apocalypse showcase, we see a Haka, and fire breathing, but the mention of comedian Paula Poundstone having a such a hilarious and specific joke to throw in.
  • Apparently, Hoover II had the plans to the new Apocalypse procedure, which got lost in the mail or wasn’t sent… either way, it’s really making things difficult for Starr and his fax machine.
  • Eugene update: He got out of jail, after the police could not prove he ate Jesse, but was promptly hit by a car, ruining his potential career as a one-man Semi Sonic cover band.

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