Anya Taylor-Joy

Writer/Director Cory Finley on Working with His Amazing Cast in ‘Thoroughbreds’

Kit Bowen had a great conversation with writer/director Cory Finley about his feature film debut "Thoroughbreds."

Review: ‘Thoroughbreads’ Plays A Darkly Comedic Game Of Chess

Every now and again I see a random independent film that aligns with what I want to watch. Thoroughbreds is by no means perfect and won’t work the same way for everyone, but I was thrilled to see a fi...

8 Great

AFI Fest Review: Thoroughbreds – Thoroughfred Approves

Thoroughbreds is a female friendship movie with balls. This is not the Disneyfied version of teenage girls coming of age together. If it were that, Thoroughbreds would probably not be a movie for Sund...

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