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Craig Robinson on “Dolittle” and how he made the transition from a teacher to an actor.

Demetri Panos interviews Craig Robinson for "Dolittle" which is now playing.

Bad Boys for Life Review by Demetri Panos

Demitri Panos reviews the latest Bad Boys film, featuring a returning Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Allison Janney, Viola Davis, and Mckenna Grace talk Troop Zero, Talent Shows, and Mckenna’s dream musical role.

Scott Menzel's interview with Troop Zero stars Allison Janney, Viola Davis, and Mckenna Grace.

Review: The Voyage Of ‘Dolittle’ Is Spirited Fluff

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Dolittle, Robert Downey Jr.'s attempt to launch the classic character back into the mainstream, with a new adventure full of talking animals.

5 Average

Review: ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Is Good For You

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Bad Boys For Life, the third entry in the action-comedy series that originally turned Will Smith and Martin Lawrence into movie stars.

7 Good

A Quest into the World of “Onward”

Scott Menzel shares what he learned about Pixar's Onward during a recent trip to Pixar Animation Studios.

Review: ‘Underwater’ has deep setting, shallow characters

Daniel Rester reviews the aquatic horror movie 'Underwater,' which stars Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel.

6.5 Fair

The 20 Best 3D Movies Of The Decade (2010-2019)

Aaron Neuwirth lists out the top twenty best 3D films of the decade, with a focus on the use of the format in the film.

Scott Menzel’s 19 Favorite Films of 2019

Scott Menzel counts down his 19 favorite films of 2019.

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