TV Review: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Takes Two Steps Forward for Representation, One Step Back for Originality

New Jersey raised Kamala Khan learns she has polymorphous powers.

6 Fair

TV Review: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, 1×2, “Children of the Comet”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds had a unique task in episode two. The writers had to introduce a character that many fans of Star Trek already know. Cadet Nyota Uhura is still finding her feet in Starfl...

9 Amazing

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×20 “Bill’s New Gig”

“Bill’s New Gig” Could have been an excellent television episode for The Wonder Years. Instead, it sheds light on the power dynamics between Bill and his wife, Lillian. The premise of the ...

5 Average

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×19, “Love and War”

This may be the one episode of The Wonder Years I truly loved from start to finish. Dean’s older brother Bruce returns from the Vietnam War, having been injured in combat. He will live, but he has to ...

9 Amazing

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×18, “Goose Grease”

Chicken pox are no fun. I had it when I was little, and it was disastrous, especially for someone with an immune deficiency. I can’t begin to imagine what that same disease was like in the 60s. ...

6 Fair

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×17, “Jobs and Hangouts”

The Wonder Years finally had a good episode this week. The concept for “Jobs and Hangouts” changed throughout the episode. Initially, it was about responsibility, specifically Kim learning...

8 Great

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×16, “The Sleepover”

After months of watching, I think I finally realized my problem with The Wonder Years: everything within the show is too obvious or convenient. Take this week, for example. Dean is upset because his f...

3 Bad

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×15, “Black Teacher”

“The Black Teacher” is one of those episodes of The Wonder Years where I fundamentally question what the writers had in mind when creating this show in the first place. The premise of this...

5 Average

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×14, “Country Dean”

“Country Dean” is probably the worst episode of The Wonder Years so far. My problem with it has nothing to do with the acting. I believe every actor on that set was trying their best to ma...

3 Bad
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