Gradebook: The Big Sick

Gradebook: The Big Sick

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Ashley Menzel: The Big Sick (9/10) 

The storytelling is perfect and while the film could use a small 10-15 minute edit, it is a well-written and beautifully told. The honesty and emotion that poured into both the writing and the performances shine in this film. It creates such a fantastic, fresh and open film. The Big Sick is a love story for the ages with the perfect amount of humor and heart.

Scott Menzel: The Big Sick (8/10) 

All minor complaints aside, The Big Sick is the most daring and refreshing rom-com in years. When the laughs hit, they hit big. It is nice to finally see a romantic comedy that isn’t afraid to tackle dark subject matters in a mature way. I like that there was such a mixture of jokes for almost every type of personality. There is a lot to love about The Big Sick and think that the film will receive a relatively wide release once it gets purchased over the next day or two. The Big Sick is a real crowd pleaser and one that you will continue to hear a lot about leading up to its theatrical release.

Zachary Marsh: The Big Sick (9/10) 

The best way to describe The Big Sick, in my eyes, is genuine. There’s nothing cynical, preachy, or irritatingly cliche about anything here. I’m so happy I went into this knowing nothing about the story outside of the words “interracial couple” and “true story.” I had heard great things from friends via the film’s premieres at Sundance and SXSW, so I went into this hoping for something good. Sure enough, the film lives up to the hype. There’s a point where the movie goes into a direction I didn’t see coming at all which the trailer gives away. This turn the movie takes is an extremely nice breath of fresh air from typical romantic comedies. I have a couple of nitpicky issues, such as Kumail Nanjiani’s parents becoming a little too over-the-top and annoying for its own good at times, Nanjiani’s dramatic side not being as strong as he is in the rest of the film, the pace dragging in some spots, and the fact that things were a bit too rushed at the beginning. Having said that, this movie is as hilarious as it is genuinely moving. It’s an absolute crowd-pleaser that deserves to be seen by all.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for The Big Sick: 8.6/10

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