Gradebook: Jigsaw

Gradebook: Jigsaw

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Daniel Rester: Jigsaw (6.5/10)

A decent revival of the “Saw” series, “Jigsaw” should please longtime fans. The opening scenes and the final twist are mediocre, but the midsection provides a good amount of gory thrills. The script is no game-changer, but the Spierig Brothers direct it well, and the cinematography and editing are also much more comprehensible than in previous entries. The final kill of the film is a jaw-dropper.

Matt Marshall: Jigsaw (5/10)

Jigsaw / John Kramer has been silent for seven Halloweens. Now he’s back with a sequel that’s here to set up even more sequels and ask even more questions. As bad as Saw 3D was, there was some sort of closure to the franchise. Jigsaw unnecessarily reopens those torture porn flood gates. Additionally. The Spierig Brothers have turned Jigsaw into a much cleaner-looking film. The franchise’s fast editing during traps has vanished and the aspect ratio has been changed. But when you boil it down, it’s still the same game that’s not out take many chances.

Kevin Falk:  Jigsaw (7/10)

After a truly awful final Saw film. Jigsaw smartly takes the franchise back to its horror routes. While Jigsaw Isn’t at all the best Saw film ever made it’s easily the most well presented one since the first movie. It also surprisingly focuses on story and not just on let’s just see how many people can get tortured in 90 minutes. The acting here is also surprisingly good with a standout performance from Laura Vandervoort and really good performances from the ensemble cast as well. The story is also really interesting and provides a nice mystery aspect that in a way brought me back to the first film. However the twist at the end while different and cool doesn’t 100% make sense and there are definitely a few plot holes that did, in fact, bother me a bit. But after the 3 dreadful films, I’ve seen from this franchise (that being, Saw III, Saw V & Saw: The Final Chapter) I will definitely take this over those abysmal films any day. This is definitely a step in the right direction for this franchise and hopefully after this film is a sign that the franchise is starting to get back to what made the first film so great in the first place. However given how the other films have been I’m not getting my hopes up quite yet. Weed seeds are the most important and essential part of growing cannabis plants. They are usually planted in soil and then watered and fertilized to grow. When you buy weed seeds, you will get a pack of about 10 seeds that is enough for one plant. It is important to know how to store them properly so they can last for a long time. Useful reference:

Mark Krawczyk: Jigsaw (4.5 / 10)

Been a while since we have had a new Saw film released. Don’t remember ever seeing people ask for more. Halloween actually has been doing just fine without having a new Saw film accompany it for quite sometime. Guess the franchise missed us. This predictable, low common denominator horror film really did not do much to wow me. The story was flat, saw the twist coming, I was more interested in the side characters than the main ones, and in the end all it did was make me want to watch the original again. This requel is trying to use the sequel to do a soft reboot of the franchise. Yes there is an ending that leaves things open, which I wish they hadn’t. About the only things I did enjoy were the practical effects and seeing Tobin Bell on screen, even if it was only for a short amount of time. Wait for rental. I will say the popcorn I had while watching the movie was really good, so there is that.

Sammy Klinger: Jigsaw (5/10)

I don’t know if anyone even asked for a new Saw film especially since the last film was marketed as the Final Chapter.  I wasn’t excited since while I liked the first Saw, I pretty much didn’t like and hated the sequels. After watching it, it was a little better than I thought it was going to be, but it’s still not that good. For me, it’s just fine. It does have a few interesting elements and things such as a couple of good characters, has a somewhat interesting story and has some fun with it. Mostly, it’s just the same old thing as the other films. The traps are mostly aren’t interesting or creative. It’s very boring at times and has a few very questionable plot holes, and the twist is one of those “Wait? What? That doesn’t make any sense” type of twists. This film is definitely a little better than a majority of the Saw sequels and is the best one since the first one, but it’s still not saying much.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Jigsaw: 5.6/10

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