Gradebook: La La Land

Gradebook: La La Land

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Ashley Menzel: La La Land (10/10)

La La Land is an instant classic that will be loved for years and years to come. It will stand the test of time with a classic love story for the ages and beautiful music to match. La La Land is the full package; visually stunning, emotional, nostalgic and beautiful. An amazing creation by Damien Chazelle and an all-time favorite of mine. It is easily the best musical in the last ten years.

Zachary Marsh: La La Land (9.5/10)

I didn’t get the same emotional gut-punch with this that I did with Chazelle’s previous film Whiplash, but it’s staggeringly hard to find something significantly wrong with La La Land overall, save for a couple underdeveloped and unnecessary characters. The opening scene alone merits seeing the film not once, but twice, in theaters. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are in top form, the cinematography is gorgeous, the music superb, and the constant one-shot musical sequences that mesh the songs and the cinematography together are a sight to behold. If it wasn’t obvious from seeing Whiplash that Damien Chazelle is a talent to behold, then here’s further proof of just that.

Nick Casaletto: La La Land (9.5/10)

I wrestled with not giving this a perfect 10, and this is only due to me seeing it once, upon next viewing it may go up or down. The point here is that La La Land doesn’t need a “grade” because it gives you so much more than that. This film brings you back to a time where movies were, dare I say, magical? It’s one of those rare pictures that feel like a classic, without trying to be an homage or a carbon copy of something we’ve already seen. Gosling and Stone have the on screen chemistry of a modern day Bogart and Bacall, as their relationship blossoms, and fades throughout its runtime. The music is terrific from its opening highway number to its breathtaking finale. I felt so many emotions while watching La La Land that I couldn’t believe it lived up to such hype, it did. If you have one movie to see holiday season, make it La La Land and go back to the golden age of cinema.

Austin Putnam: La La Land (10/10)

Coming off of Whiplash which is one of my favorite films of all time I had high expectations one, but at the same time, I was skeptical since I’m not a fan of musicals minus a select few. However, that didn’t stop me from absolutely falling in love with this movie. The music is catchy and emotionally resonant. Especially a scene with Emma Stone at the end of the 2nd act. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are phenomenal. The cinematography is dazzling. The final act has the most emotionally resonant ending since last years Inside Out carrying a message that will strike with those who have dreams.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for La La Land: 9.75/10

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