Gradebook: Logan

Gradebook: Logan

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Mark Krawczyk: Logan (10/10)

This is the wolverine fans have been waiting for. It is also the superhero film adult comic book movie fans have been waiting for. This has a perfect balance of gritty action, superhero elements, heart, and depth. You do not need to see the other X-men films to appreciate this one. Hugh Jackman puts in a top notch performance as does Patrick Stewart. For her first feature film, Dafne Keen puts in a performance that reminded me a lot of Hit Girl from Kick Ass but with fewer f-bombs and A LOT higher body count. The film does have some predictability to it if you have been paying attention to the internet build up and the hype but that does not take away from what has become one of my favorite recent superhero films. For those of you who are a Wolverine/ X-men fan…bring a tissue.

Nick Casaletto: Logan (9/10)

Logan is without question one of the better superhero films in recent memory. A contained story that Is about characters first, and action set pieces second, is precisely what the character of Wolverine deserved. Not only is this the best Wolverine movie, but it’s also right up there with my favorites, X-Men 2 and First Class. The movie is without question the darkest and most bleak superhero film to ever hit the silver screen. Except unlike most, Logan is a character that you will stand behind, to the very end

Daniel Rester: Logan (8.3/10)

Logan is an exciting, emotional, and brutal film, featuring excellent performances by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in their final outings as Wolverine and Xavier. Dafne Keen and Boyd Holbrook also impress in supporting roles. The movie feels like a mix of a Western, a road movie, and “The Raid,” but it also has its own individual voice while simultaneously working with the “X-Men” franchise. The middle portion of the film sags a bit, some scenes are overly violent to a numbing point, and the head villain is cookie cutter. Even so, Logan is a standout film in the “X-Men” series, ranking among the best of them.

Zachary Marsh: Logan (8/10)

I’m planning on seeing the film again since my experience seeing this the first time was pretty horrific and probably had an effect on my thoughts on the film, so take this review lightly: I enjoyed Logan just as much as I thought I would. It has a weak villain, moments of comedy that I didn’t find amusing much, and it as a whole plays out almost exactly how I expected it to, but the positives in the film outweigh the negatives for me. Hugh Jackman gives it his all as the titular character, and Patrick Stewart has some strong moments as well. The young girl playing Laura, Dafne Keen, shows a lot of promise in her feature film debut and is one of the biggest surprises of the film. There aren’t many unpredictable and surprising moments, save for maybe two, but that didn’t take away from how engaging as a whole the story is. The real glue of the film is how director James Mangold effectively takes advantage of its hard-R rating. When he and Jackman stressed this being an R rated movie, they didn’t hold back whatsoever. The violence in this film alone are worth the price of admission because of how gloriously brutal, gritty, and violent it all this. Overall I was hoping to like this more than I did, and maybe I will when I see it again, but at this moment in time, I would give Logan a solid recommendation. Fans won’t be disappointed, and clearly regular moviegoers have been enjoying this as well, and as a send off to the Wolverine character, I think this is as perfect a send-off as anyone could have hoped for.

Gabriel Alcantara: Logan (10/10)

I don’t want to simplify Logan by calling it a bad ass superhero film because it’s so much more than that. To me, it is an emotional, poignant, character driven, futuristic western that goes far beyond the standards of most comic book films. It seems as if Director James Mangold aimed for a more thought provoking action-drama for the ages, rather than a superhero spectacle for the season. While the gory violence is exciting and something Wolverine fans have been dying to see on the big screen for years, it’s also based around very tragic circumstances. This is not a happy-go-lucky X-Men movie. While there are plenty of moments with humor and levity, deep down this is the somber curtain call of the beloved Wolverine. Hugh Jackman gives his greatest performance as the character, seemingly taking every bit of his history as Logan, including the pain, accomplishments, loss, and joy. He took everything that made the character great and flawed, and molded it for this performances. The exact thing can be said for Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. Dafne Keen impresses as their young companion who’s young life has been filled with violence and rage. Some may believe the film lacks in the villain department. I was personally too invested in Logan’s story to worry about. Besides, I believe the villains served their purpose. Logan is a genuine love letter to the fans, but it should also work for plenty of movie lovers as well. I sincerely thank James Mangold, Hugh Jackman, FOX and Marvel for this experience of a lifetime.

Tony Estrada: Logan (8.5/10)

This is a well-crafted drama action film that changes the game for the comic book genre. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give possibly the best performances in their roles and Dafne Keen did a really impressive job as X23. The R-rated violence is exciting and brutal but it also fits for the grounded atmosphere that director James Mangold beautifully brings to the screen. I do wish there was more focus between Logan and X23 as it could have added a little more of the emotional weight and I do think the villains aren’t that memorable. Logan is a beautifully crafted R-rated comic book film that blends action, drama, and even sometimes humor very well but it’s also a terrific way to say good-bye to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in their respective roles.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Logan 8.7/10

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