Kindred Interview: Tamara Lawrance, Fiona Shaw, and Jack Lowden

Joe Marcantonio certainly didn’t shy away from a challenging subject matter for his feature film directorial debut. Along with co-writer Jason McColgen, Marcantonio has crafted a haunting and terrifying tale of loss and new beginnings. Starring Tamara Lawrance, Fiona Shaw, and Jack Lowden, this disturbing story creates an intensely grounded nightmare. Instead of focusing on a slasher killer in the woods, or a ghostly presence terrorizing innocence, Kindred feels shockingly honest in dealing with racism, classism, and what those in power can do. It also helps that Fiona Shaw is outstanding as a mother who lost her son and now torments his pregnant girlfriend. It’s a shocking and powerful piece, one that is well worth exploring.

Recently We Live Entertainment spoke with the incredibly talented trio. It was fantastic to chat with Shaw, Lawrance, and Lowden about the new film. Ms. Shaw opened up about playing a mother desperate to keep her son’s memory alive, even if it violates the life of another. And for Lawrance, the actress discussed the emotional and physically intense portrait she brings to her performance. The very talented Lowden talked about playing a character that may not be who he seems. The three discussed what Joe brought to the film as the writer and director. And how this very personal tale resonated with each of them. Kindred is an impressive work, and it’s well worth seeking out for a post-Halloween, pre-Friday, the 13th genre viewing experience. Kindred is now available to rent or own on your favorite streaming service and in select theatres.

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James Oster, aka JimmyO, started his career as a film reviewer at Arrow in the Head in 2006. There, he brought his movie knowledge and admiration of cinema to giving his own take on all types of horror features. From there, he officially joined (in addition to AITH) where he became one of the three major critics for the site. Thanks to the connections he has made, Jimmy has managed to take his love of movies to another level. In the past couple of years, he has produced the Oklahoma horror mystery THE HARVESTERS, written and directed by Nick Sanford. And this October,, the twisted holiday thriller he co-wrote and co-produced called SICK FOR TOYS will be released on streaming VOD and Blu-Ray. Jimmy is a proud and passionate member of the HCA where he looks forward to continuing to share his passion for the art of film.

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