The Flash “Potential Energy” Review By Kevin Morrison

The Flash “Potential Energy” Review By Kevin Morrison

Fast vs Slow

Barry Allen and Team Flash have to stop the slowest person on Earth-1-which proves to be much more difficult than one would think. That is because the slowest person makes everything around him slower as he walks by, which includes The Flash.

The Flash

The theme this week seems to be all about dealing with past problems you’ve always put off that come to bite you and that is shown through 3 main characters: Barry, Joe and Cisco. Barry is now dealing with revealing himself as the Flash to his now-girlfriend Patty, something he has never had to deal with before. Patty is the first person in his life that he cares so much about who doesn’t know his secret, so this decision comes with much thought and concern. This is something that has been in the back of Barry’s mind almost as soon as he became the Flash and it gives the Barry/Patty (Batty?) relationship more weight and intrigue (and also my favorite superhero couple on TV-sorry Olicity).

Meanwhile, Joe is having to deal with getting to know a son that doesn’t seem to want to know him very much. As we know, Wally may become an important character in the future (like, main character important), so it’s interesting to see him in an angsty, irresponsible state. Joe is tearing up inside and it will be interesting to see where this relationship goes and if Wally and Joe maintain a good relationship, despite the guilt Joe feels.
Finally, the superhero part of the episode comes with a villain known as the Turtle, someone Cisco has been following for the longest time. The Turtle can slow down time around him and not even Barry’s speed can break it (or so everyone thinks). Seeing a character from the past pop up again now again helps with the underlying theme and this is a unique problem that is interesting to see Team Flash deal with. I like that it’s a problem of speed versus slowness and while the character of Turtle isn’t very interesting, the idea and the powers are.

The Flash
The Flash remains as fun and exciting as ever which lures us in, but also shows much heart and drama that makes us stay. Barry is a great character to lach onto and the whole universe built around him in this show (Earth-2, Wally West, etc.) makes everything that more emotional and, dare I say it, real. These are real characters dealing with fictional powers but that is a pretty good formula for a pretty good show.

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):
-Dr. Wells’ explanation of how Zoom got his name might be the best moment of the series yet. Wow, that was just dark enough and stern enough to work so well and I care so much about this Wells now. I hope they have great things planned for this subplot.
-I like the relationship Jay and Caitlin have. That is both sweet and keeps Jay relevant in the show.
-I hope Patty comes back. That was a bombshell for us at the end.
-Was not expecting the tag at the end! Excited to have Eddie back (well, a new version of him).

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