Author: Mark Krawczyk

Mark Krawczyk has been reviewing movies since 1993 when he was on the staff for his high school news paper. He is the host for WeLiveFilm's Horror Thursdays and loves all movies, from b-movies to blockbusters. He has a passion for films and loves discussing movies with anyone and everyone.

Let the Corpses Tan

TIFF 2017 Review: ‘Let The Corpses Tan’ is a Heist Film of Many Colors

TIFF 2017 Review: Let The Corpses Tan is a Heist Film of Many Colors Let The Corpses Tan is about Rhino and his gang, who have just robbed 250 Kilograms of gold from an armored truck. They are hiding ...

Latched 2017 TIFF

TIFF 2017 Review: “Latched” A Jaw-Dropping Horror Short

Latched is Jaw-Dropping Fun The Toronto International Film Festival is known for showing some of the most interesting feature films of the festival season. What may be overlooked are the short films t...

The Ice Cream Truck Review : A Horror Film with a Delightfully Fresh Flavor

Ice Cream Truck Review Mary is a struggling writer who moves back to her suburban hometown when her husband’s employer relocates him. She has ventured ahead of the rest of the family to get the house ...

It Stains The Sands Red

LA Film Festival Review: ‘It Stains The Sands Red’ A Zombie Film Bleeding Originality

Zombie films. The staple of the independent horror genre. You would think by now we would have seen it all for the zombie story. Then a film like It Stains the Sands Red comes along that shows there a...

LA Film Festival Review: “Desolation” Shows Why You Never Go Off Trail!

Mark Krawczyk hikes into the woods and gives his thoughts on the new thriller from Sam Patton called "Desolation" which just premiered at the LA Film Festival 2017.

LA Film Festival Interview: Sam Patton on ‘Desolation’

LA Film Festival Interview: Sam Patton talks Desolation.

Replace L.A. Film Festival

LA Film Festival Review: ‘Replace’ Shows The Cost of Beauty is a Pound of Flesh

Mark Krawczyk reviews "Replace", a new horror thriller which premiered at the 2017 LA Film Festival. The film is directed by Norbert Keil and stars Rebecca Forsythe, Barbara Crampton and Lucie Aron

Review: ’47 Meters Down’ Has An Unexpected Bite

Mark Krawczyk dives into the deep end and reviews the shark-infested thriller "47 Meters Down" starring Mandy Moore and Clair Holt. In theaters June 16th.

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