Allen Maldonado

TV Review: Heels, 1×8, “Double Turn”

  Heels episode eight is an absolute triumph. I don’t think that matters.  As much as I praise this episode, in particular, I still feel that no matter how good this week’s final story was, the s...

9 Amazing

TV Review: Heels, 1×7, “The Big Bad Fish Man”

Heels, episode seven, “The Big Bad Fish Man,” was interesting this week because many of our lead characters made decisions counterproductive to who they are. Don’t get me wrong, I ab...

8 Great

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×2, “Green Eyed Monster”

The second episode of The Wonder Years was decidedly weak in terms of moving the character of Dean forward. He is struggling with the fact that his best friend kissed his love interest the day prior. ...

5 Average

TV Review: The Wonder Years, 1×1, “Pilot”

Chike Coleman reviews the season premiere of ABC's reboot of The Wonder Years, narrated by Don Cheadle.

9 Amazing

TV Review: Heels, 1×6, “House Show”

Chike Coleman reviews Heels, episode 6, "House Show."

6 Fair

TV Review: Heels, 1×5, “Swerve”

Chike Coleman reviews episode five of Starz's wrestling drama, Heels, "Swerve."

9 Amazing

TV Review: Heels, 1×4, “Cutting Promos”

Chike Coleman reviews "Cutting Promos," the fourth episode of Starz' wrestling drama, Heels.

8 Great

TV Review: Heels, 1×3, “Cheap Heat”

Chike Coleman reviews "Cheap Heat," the third episode of Heels, now airing on Starz.

10 Perfect

TV Review: Heels, 1×2, “Dusty Finish”

Chike Coleman reviews the second episode of Heels, now airing on Starz.

9 Amazing

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