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What the Past and Present Say About ‘CODA’ and Its Best Picture Chances

Awards Editor Karen Peterson looks at CODA, awards history, and the state of the Best Picture race as the season enters the final days.

Oscars 2022: Can Any Film Beat ‘Dune’ in Visual Effects? Yes.

Awards Editor Karen Peterson makes the case for why Dune could (but probably won't) miss the Academy Award for Visual Effects.

From the Eddies to the Spirit Awards, Which Oscar Nominees Are Picking Up Steam?

Awards Editor Karen Peterson looks at the weekend's precursors to determine what they might mean for Film Editing, Production Design, and other Oscar categories.

What Do the SAG Awards Tell Us About the Oscars?

Awards Editor Karen Peterson takes a closer look at the SAG Awards winners and what they might mean for the Oscar race.

Where To Watch The 5th Annual HCA Film Awards

The ceremony will begin at 7 pm PT on Monday, February 28, 2022.

28th SAG Awards – Final Predictions

Awards Editor Karen Peterson shares her final predictions for the 28th SAG Awards, including a big night for CODA, Squid Game, and certain Oscar frontrunners.

5 Ways to Draw Viewers Back to the Oscars

Awards Editor Karen Peterson looks at five ways the Academy can engage viewers and get fans more excited about the Oscars.

First Predictions for the 94th Academy Awards – After the Nominations

Now that we have our nominees, Awards Editor Karen Peterson shares her first official predictions for the 94th Academy Awards.

Ranked: All Ten 94th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

Daniel Rester ranks the ten movies up for the Best Picture Academy Award this year from worst to best in his opinion.

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