Autism Awareness Week: “Mary and Max” – Review by Zachary Marsh

"Mary and Max" (2009) - Icon Entertainment International (We Live Film)

Review: Mary and Max

by Zachary Marsh

For one week during the month of April, the staff and contributors here at We Live Film will be celebrating autism awareness. To start off this series, Zachary Marsh will be reviewing 2009 animated stop-motion film, Mary and Max.

In Mary and Max, a lonely girl from Australia named Mary begins a correspondence with Max Jerry Horowitz in New York City. Mary is teased at school for her abnormal birthmark. Max, however, suffers from anxiety and is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. This critically acclaimed film touches on the subjects of autism, depression and loneliness. That said, Mary and Max is rated PG-13 for its mature themes.

The film features the voice talents of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Colette, Barry Humphries and Eric Bana and is directed by Adam Elliot.


Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the reviews for Autism Awareness Week here on We Live Film.


Zachary Marsh is a staff reviewer for We Live Film. He has been reviewing films since 2008. You can watch all his video reviews on the We Live Film YouTube Channel.

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