Gradebook: Annabelle: Creation

GRADEBOOK:  Annabelle: Creation

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Mark Krawczyk: Annabelle Creation (9/10)

I will honestly say when I saw the trailer for this film, I rolled my eyes and sighed. The first Annabelle was far from a good movie, much less one that warranted a sequel But Ouija Origins surprised me, so I figured why not. Let me tell you Annabelle Creation is probably my favorite film in “The Conjuring Universe.” Not only is it actually scary but it is a modern horror film that relies on classic horror techniques. The sound design is impressive and adds that much-needed layer of creepy when needed. The cinematography also is well done. While there are some jump scares it uses some other techniques, such as out of focus movement in the background and accented music queues.
The young cast they assembled is also surprisingly very good for a film of this nature. All of the young women in the film put on top notch performances and handle dialog with ease. Nothing felt fake or over the top with them. I also liked the fact that it was pretty much an all female cast, something you don’t get as often in horror films. Props as well for them going the Rated-R route with the film. It allowed the filmmakers to go to some very dark places which were extra creepy simply for the fact children were involved. THE ONLY thing I really had an issue with were the moments where they hit you over the head that this one is tied to the other films. The first couple references were a nice touch but later on in the film and the after credit sequences were ones that felt forced. Overall this is a surprisingly hair raising modern horror film I think many will enjoy. Full video review here.

Tony Estrada: Annabelle: Creation (7.5/10)

David F. Sandberg’s directorial debut Lights Out was a very creative and fun horror film, and he continues to bring the scares with this Annabelle prequel. You can argue that this movie isn’t anything new and that is definitely the case but what made this Annabelle prequel such a fun ride was how creative they’d made the scares. The scares are not only very effective and well-executed, but the performances were actually really solid especially from the young female actresses Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson. The cinematography is beautifully-shot, the sound design for these creepy scenes are believable, and I appreciate the nods to Annabelle (even though that movie is incredibly bland) and the Conjuring movies. Annabelle: Creation is a formulaic horror film but it’s a formulaic horror film that’s actually done right, and it made for a great theater experience because the audience at the screening I attended were panicking for the majority of the running time.

Zachary Marsh: Annabelle: Creation (8.5/10)

The exposition and character development start off cliched and almost laughable, as do the dumb jump scares. But once Annabelle’s introduced in the film, the audience is put on an exhilaratingly terrifying ride from there on out, and the constant tension the movie gives you doesn’t wear off until the credits begin, and even then you’re still tense from what you just saw. Definitely, worth checking this out if you wanna be scared, you want to see some great filmmaking done by director David F. Sandberg or both.

Scott Menzel: Annabelle: Creation (8/10)

Annabelle: Creation will be hard to top as the year’s most inventive and scariest film. Sandberg is a director that isn’t afraid to take risks and will only continue to redefine the horror genre as we know it. Annabelle: Creation is a welcomed addition to the Conjuring Universe and is certain to leave fans wanting more. This is a must-see horror experience. See it with a crowd because it will only add to the fun. Full review here.

Kevin Falk: Annabelle: Creation (8.5/10)

Annabelle: Creation fixes almost everything about its horribly forgettable and boring predecessor. Instead, it gives us a very entertaining creepy horror film that is also essentially an origin story. It also improves on it’s acting immensely with some standout performances especially from Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson who are absolute stars in the making and this definitely won’t be the last horror-esque film we see them in. Their characters also are anything but generic and the bond both girls form is probably the standout thing about the film as a whole. As far as scare factor the film delivers on that aspect very well too including a genuinely terrifying climax that had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. My only real complaint is that the film is quite a bit predictable and some characters do end up being a bit one note then they should be and the ending of the film while does a good job of connecting to its predecessor I just found really unnecessary. But overall this is one of those films where the positives really do outweigh the negatives and is another solid entry that shows why The Conjuring universe is easily the best horror franchise currently around and makes me very enthused to see where the rest of this incredibly horrifying series goes.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Annabelle: Creation: 8.2/10

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