Gradebook: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

Gradebook: The Girl on the Train 

This is the Gradebook for The Girl on the Train.

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Zachary Marsh: The Girl on the Train (3.5/10)

And the award for the best unintentional comedy of this year’s awards season goes to Tate Taylor’s “The Girl on The Train.” I firmly believe now that Tate Taylor is either a one-hit-wonder or is choosing the shittiest of scripts to direct. The screenplay is so piss-poor and has some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard all year, made even worse by how the actors read them. It doesn’t help that this is the single most predictable movie I’ve seen all year. The cinematography is trashy too, with almost every other shot in the movie is this close-up wide angle shot of someone talking to someone or thinking about something, and it could honestly merit a drinking game if it really wanted to. Subjectively speaking, I would wholeheartedly recommend “The Girl on The Train” as a delightfully funny “so-bad-it’s-good” thriller to watch with drunk friends. Objectively speaking, though, this is an awful movie. Yeah, AWFUL. Poor acting, a shitty story, an even shittier screenplay, poor direction, piss-drenched execution, and blatantly obvious “twists” make up one of 2016’s worst movies.

The Girl on the Train

Bryan Sudfield: The Girl on the Train (4.5/10)

I wanted to enjoy this movie, even if it was a guilty pleasure-type of movie. But, it felt so Lifetime-like that it made me cry inside. Emily Blunt tries her absolute best to save this from the ultimate disaster it could’ve been. I’m a fan of Tate Taylor, but he tried too hard copying David Fincher’s style from Gone Girl. The pacing dragged, the writing was cheesy and the editing was bland. It was nicely shot, but it was a big letdown.

Mark Krawczyk: The Girl on the Train (3.5/10)

If there was a movie that was trying too hard to be an Oscar contender it would be this one. While I am sure the book is compelling (I have not read it cause, well words burn) , some things do not translate well from book to film. In this case it was the main plot “who dunnit” type of twist which was never really in doubt no matter how hard it tried. Emily Blunt does a convincing performance but the script felt like a made for TV movie. The “hot” overly sexual scenes felt forced, much of the cast overacted, and it just got plain boring. I did find a couple subplot reveals interesting but overall this film just was not good. Wait for rental or better yet free streaming on Netflix so you can watch The Girl on a Train while on a train which is a far more entertaining idea than the movie itself.

Scott Menzel: The Girl on the Train (3/10) 

This is one of those rare films that offended me. This film is somehow anti-men and anti-women at the same time. For about 2 hours, Emily Blunt blankly stares at the camera while drinking and staring out a window on a train. The three female leads are all portrayed as weak liars who lack any morals or control. They are always in constant in need of a man and lack any real depth. The males are shown as masochists who lack any control or brain-power. What makes all of this even worse is that the script over explains everything as though the audience has never seen a film before in their lives. Even the grand reveal isn’t the slightest bit shocking but rather predictable and dull. One of the worst films of 2016.

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for The Girl on the Train : 3.6/10

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