Gradebook: The Legend of Tarzan

Gradebook: The Legend of Tarzan

the legend of tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film and We Live Entertainment. If you are interested in participating, join the We Live Film Fan Chat Page on Facebook and look for the weekly posts of new releases.

Austin Putnam: The Legend of Tarzan (5/10)

Coming from director David Yates who ended the Harry Potter franchise those could’ve been some quite special. It ends up being forgettable instead. Skarsgard (I know I probably just butchered his name) and Robbie are good as Tarzan and Jane. I even liked Samuel L Jackson as the comedic relief. Some scenes here and there are entertaining as well. Christoph Waltz plays a generic movie villain, the film itself takes a while to get going, the CGI could’ve been better, but the biggest problem with the film is that the story itself is very lacking.

the legend of tarzan

Bryan Sudfield: The Legend of Tarzan (5.5/10)

This had so much potential to be good, but it was very bleh. The visuals are outstanding. Alexander Skarsgård & Margot Robbie killed it as Tarzan & Jane. I personally enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson as the comic relief, although some of his jokes fell flat & Christoph Waltz was weak as the villain. He seems to only work well with Tarantino. The pacing was so sloppy and it would’ve been better if we got an origin story of Tarzan instead. It’s like David Yates’ Hook. I wished this film was better, but it wasn’t awful either. It’s a matinee film if you’re interested.

Craig Kandiko: The Legend of Tarzan (5/10)

The Legend of Tarzan isn’t inherently terrible, but it’s really not that great either. Visually it looks great, especially the scenic landscapes, but everything else was just average. The CGI of the animals looked good, but not to the photo-realistic levels of this year’s The Jungle Book. The CGI felt more to the levels of Jumanji. I liked Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie as Tarzan and Jane, but Samuel L. Jackson as the comic relief felt goofy and forced and Christoph Waltz once again plays an uninspired and generic villain. Unless you are a huge fan of Tarzan or are super desperate to see Alexander Skarsgård without a shirt, don’t rush to theaters, just wait to rent it.

the legend of tarzan

Daniel Rester: The Legend of Tarzan (7/10)

This is a solid, old-fashioned popcorn epic. The use of lush scenery, wide shots, and clean CGI make for some beautiful moments, with director David Yates moving things along nicely as well. The cast also does a fine job as well, with only Samuel L. Jackson feeling a tad out of place at times. “The Legend of Tarzan” has a straightforward, somewhat forgettable story, but the filmmaking craftsmanship surrounding it is mostly excellent.

Gabe Alcantara: The Legend of Tarzan (6/10)

Like most films coming out of Hollywood nowadays, here’s a retelling of a famous character that did not need to be made. However, the film does utilize the use of CGI and modern film making techniques well enough to provide a fairly entertaining film. The characters are either average or very underdeveloped. Alexander Skarsgård is a physically capable Tarzan with a very dull personality and lacks chemistry with everyone. Sam Jackson is Sam Jackson, but as the comic relief, he falls flat in most cases. Christoph Waltz seems kind of zoned out and useless as the villain. Margot Robbie is the film’s saving grace as gives a confident and charming portrayal of Jane Porter. The film is okay for an afternoon watch provided you plan on watching a better film in the evening.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for The Legend of Tarzan :  5.7/10

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