Gradebook: Rules Don’t Apply

rules don't apply

Gradebook: Rules Don’t Apply

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Ashley Menzel: Rules Don’t Apply (7.5/10)

All in all, Rules Don’t Apply is an interesting take on a love story complicated by the typical Hollywood drama and insanity. The pacing is slow, but the characters are interesting and the story will keep your attention throughout. Rules Don’t Apply is like a blast from the past that is sure to delight many.

Rules Don't Apply

Zachary Marsh: Rules Don’t Apply (7/10)

Rules Don’t Apply is not quite as baffling as Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, but it’s easily the runner-up as 2016’s weirdest film. There are moments of greatness present, from Lily Collins and Alen Ehrenreich’s performances to a couple scenes that show authentic emotion. At the same time, though, the editing is some of the most abrupt and questionable I’ve seen in quite some time. Not to mention, the tone of the story is all over the place, and it feels slow at times. If you were expecting to see a marvelous return from one of Hollywood’s most iconic filmmakers, then this probably isn’t what you’re going to be wanting at the end of the day. Nothing worth going out to the theater to see, but still worth your time if you’re curious about this.

Scott Menzel: Rules Don’t Apply (7/10)

Warren Beatty returns to the big screen with a film that he has been passionate about making for decades. Rules Don’t Apply is an interesting in-depth look at Howard Hughes’ erratic behavior and how it affected those around him. While Beatty is great as Hughes, it is Lily Collins who steals the show. Her chemistry with Alden Ehrenreich is spot on, and the two share a lot of great moments together. The film’s main downfall isn’t the performances but rather the odd editing choices and pacing that throw off the story. Running just over two hours, Rules Don’t Apply is tedious in certain spots and the editing is jarring throughout. It is a solid return for Beatty but is something I wish I could have loved rather than just liked.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Rules Don’t Apply: 7.2/10

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