Horror Thursdays: “Shaolin vs Evil Dead” (2004) Review by Mark Krawczyk

I take a look at a film that has everything I look for in a movie vampires, zombies, kung fu, and magic. We set the way back machine to 2004 to look at the Asian kung fu horror film “Shaolin vs Evil Dead.”


Movie: Shaolin vs Evil Dead (2014)

Director: Douglas Kung

Plot: Monk escorting a group of vampires to a small village crosses paths with his brother and is also forced to fight an evil force that threatens the town.

Cast: Chia-Hui Liu, Siu-Wong Fan, Jacky Woo, Shannon Yoh

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Mark Krawczyk has been reviewing movies since 1993 when he was on the staff for his high school news paper. He is the host for WeLiveFilm's Horror Thursdays and loves all movies, from b-movies to blockbusters. He has a passion for films and loves discussing movies with anyone and everyone.

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