Opinion – 2013 Portland Comic Con Review – by Cody Dollarhide

2013 Portland Comic Con Review

by Cody Dollarhide

            This is the first year that Wizarding World has put on a Comic book convention in Portland and it was disorganized, to say the least, but I went in with little to no expectations — for I have never attended one before this. The list of guest stars was a huge draw-in for me. Jason David Frank, most known for his role as Tommy in the first five seasons of Power Rangers, and then a again in the 12th season, attended. He is also known for breaking the world record for the greatest number of boards broken whilst sky diving, and his MMA career is nothing to scoff at. Bruce Campbell is a writer, producer, actor and director and is most known for his work in the movies Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. Lou Ferrigno was the original Hulk. Norman Reedus is the actor who plays Daryl in The Walking Dead, and Murphy in The Boondock Saints, and has a surprisingly large cult following. Finally, Stan Lee, the original author to the Spider-Man comic book series. These and many other celebrities were gracious enough to make room in their busy schedule to rip our wallets a new butt-hole and show their appreciation to their fans. I personally wanted to meet Jason Frank, my childhood hero, and Norman Reedus, crossbow-wielding zombie slayer, the most, but I didn’t bring enough money to meet them both. Generally speaking, it was forty dollars to meet one of them, plus an 18 on your patience check; those lines where horrible.

            A stereotype that I want to mention is that everyone goes in costume, and I was seriously let down by the severe lack of people dressed up. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go in costume either, but only about 35% of us did, and of them, about 50% were actually decent looking. I don’t know if creativity was down because it was the first year in Portland or because this state is flooded with Hipsters.

            With all the big name artists there, the young and independent artists got little to no recognition, and they were pretty decent. I bought three posters from one of them because they were really intricate and very relevant to my interests. Advice time: don’t overlook the independent booths, because they have some pretty neat things.

            Overall, I went for the experience with not a lot of expectations, and I feel like that made me enjoy it more. I am really looking forward to what they can do next year now that they have learned a thing or two.

3.5 out of 5

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