Weekend Box Office: “LEGO Movie” Demolishes “3 Days,” “Pompeii”

"The LEGO Movie" (2014) - Weekend Box Office

by Matt Marshall

For the third straight weekend, nothing has stopped The LEGO Movie from feeling “everything is awesome.” The LEGO Movie constructed another estimated $31 million, bringing its 17-day total to over $183 million. The film is expected to cross $200 million shortly.

Newcomers 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii fought over second and third place. Taking second place was 3 Days to Kill starring Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld. The McG film pulled in $12.3 million opening, making 3 Days to Kill his lowest opener since 2006’s We Are Marshall. Big budget disaster flick Pompeii cracked $10 million. Based on true events, this Paul W.S. Anderson take on the doomed city was hardly a must-see this weekend.

RoboCop and The Monuments Men both dipped one spot from last weekend. The RoboCop remake took fourth place with $9.4 million. RoboCop is the only holdover from last weekend’s openers to repeat in the Top 5. The Monuments Men rounded out the Top 5 with a $8.1 million haul.

Note: These #’s are based on Sunday’s projections and can change with Monday’s actual #’s.

#1 – The LEGO Movie (NR)
$31.4 million / $183.2 million total

In less than a week, The LEGO Movie will be the first film of 2014 to cross $200 million. But that’s not all the positive news to come out “Brick Nation” this week. A sequel has been lined up for Memorial Day 2017. Plus, The LEGO Movie stands a strong chance of claiming the top spot next weekend as well. That’s a feat no film has achieved since The Hunger Games in early 2012.

#2 – 3 Days to Kill (NR)
$12.3 million / $12.3 million total

After this weekend, director McG is staring at his weakest opener in eight years. 3 Days to Kill edged out newcomer Pompeii by a few million. However for McG, a $12.3 million opener is way south of franchise hits like Charlies Angels and Terminator Salvation. Even This Means War starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy got off to a better start in 2012. Looks like it took 3 days to kill, well 3 Days to Kill.

#3 – Pompeii (NR)
$10.0 million / $10.0 million total

Just like McG, Paul W.S. Anderson might be better off with his Resident Evil franchise. Audiences weren’t too interested in Jon Snow’s escape from the doomed Roman city. At least Kit Harington can fall back on his role as Snow in Game of Thrones. Are the days of sword-and-sandal films on a halt again? The Legend of Hercules struggled last month. And Pompeii might perform just a bit better.

#4 – RoboCop (3)
$9.4 million / $43.6 million total

Out of the four holdovers from last weekend’s extended fame, the RoboCop remake was the only to drop under 60%. RoboCop’s not the 1987 film by any means, but audiences are pushing the remake towards a decent run. In comparison, RoboCop is tracking less than $1 million behind 2012 remake Total Recall. On that current trajectory, RoboCop is gunning for a $60 million finish.

#5 – The Monuments Men (4)
$8.1 million / $58.1 million total

The Monuments Men enjoyed one more weekend in the Top 5. The George Clooney film is closing in on $60 million fast. While a record high for Clooney as a director, it’s a middle-of-the-road for him as an actor. At its current pace, The Monuments Men could wind up with $70 million.

Opening Next Week: Non-Stop, Son of God, The Wind Rises (expanding)



Source: Box Office Mojo


Matt Marshall is a YouTube movie reviewer who hosts MNMreviews. He has a B.A. in Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College and resides in Rochester, NY.


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