Blindspot Pilot Review by Kevin Morrison

There’s Tattooed Treasure on (and in) Jaimie Alexander.

A mysterious woman is found on Times Square and may contain clues to multiple crimes in Blindspot, a new spin on the crime drama genre from Martin Gero on NBC. And while there is a ton of suspension of disbelief to have in order to enjoy it, the mystery and starring performance by Jaimie Alexander (the Thor movies, The Last Stand) make it easy to forgive.


This first episode shows the meeting of FBI special agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the mysterious woman that the FBI calls ‘Jane Doe’ (Alexander). Jane is found in a bag on Times Square with many recent tattoos, having no memory of getting them or who she is. One of these tattoos contains Weller’s name, leading them to be teamed up in trying to figure out who she is and with this team-up they learn that each of her tattoos is a clue to a crime that is about to happen.

The premise is extremely interesting and what elevates this from your average crime drama beyond the mystery is the wonderful performance of Jaimie Alexander. You entirely feel for her and understand what she is going through thanks to her subtle movements and actions. She is someone who does not know who she is and is trying with all her might to figure it out. Alexander has star power (standing out in big films such as Thor and being the subject of campaigns wanting her to be the new Wonder Woman), and it really shows her. She is brilliant as Jane Doe.


The rest of the performances are serviceable, but what accompanies Jane Doe and the mystery is great production and well-filmed action scenes. It’s all expertly made and feels like a cool action movie. However, there are a few flaws with the way the FBI and characters work in this episode that made me think “would they really do that in reality?”, such as approaching a bomb with bare hands or allowing Jane to go with them on FBI duties when they don’t know anything about her, and my answer is: probably not.  Yet even with those flaws, there is still a ton to enjoy here and I feel the overall effect of the film makes it easy to not mind the warped reality.

Blindspot has the makings of being a great mystery, or it could just be a star vehicle for Jaimie Alexander. With this pilot episode, it could go either way, but I am hoping for the former. This first episode was good enough to get me to keep watching and I really hope for great things for this series. There’s a great mystery to figure out here and thanks to Ms. Alexander, I will have no problem wanting to know the answers-even if they end up being disappointing.

Grade: B

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