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Doctor Who “World Enough and Time” Review

Doctor Who “World Enough and Time” Review

What an exciting first few seconds of the episode. It opens to a frozen snowy area, with great swelling music. The dramatic angles for the camera and everything work well to pull you into the episode immediately. The Doctor is fighting back his regeneration and screaming “no!”

After the credits, another epic scene of what appears to be a spaceship sitting on the edge of a black hole? Quick zooming and incredible music bring us up the side of the vessel to where Missy pops out of the Tardis and says “I’m Doctor Who.” She pretends to be the Doctor with Nardole and Bill in tow. The Doctor is sitting and watching them work together. The ship is huge, and Nardole is looking for information about the ship and notices that there is a giant Black Hole. The ship is trying to reverse away from it. Has the Doctor never heard of a tablet not connected to a wire?

They are interrupted by a person trying to see who they are. Michelle Gomez gives us usual banter which is always entertaining. They question Missy on the idea of her using Doctor Who, not the Doctor. Also, did Missy dab? Missy is using her deductive skills to figure out what is happening on the ship. One of the men enters and panics that the people are coming and are looking for humans. Bill admits that she’s the only human. He threatens to shoot and kill Bill, so they stop coming after them. The Doctor tells him that he will trust him and despite his best efforts, Bill is shot through the stomach. A big gaping hole is left in her chest.

Flashing back to when the Doctor first tells Bill he should see how Missy does in a real situation. She still doesn’t think its a good idea, but he tries to convince her. The Doctor tries to explain how Missy is different and how he needs to help her. He says that Missy is “the only person he’s ever met that’s even remotely like him.” Bill asks if he wants her to be good, and he avoids the question, turns away and convinces them to agree to let him try. Missy and the Doctor had a pact that they would see every star in the universe together. Bill confesses that Missy scares her and asks him to promise he won’t get her killed. They flash back and forth between their conversation about her dying and her slowly dying on the ship.

Through the doors enter these creepy hospital patient looking creatures. The creatures tell the Doctor she will be repaired and will not bring her back. Missy interrogates him about who they are and what those creatures are. The Doctor figures out what happens and says it is a battle of time and tells everyone to pay attention. Down in the repair shop, Bill wakes up and sees a Doctor over her. He says the full conversion wasn’t necessary and she can go back to sleep. She wakes again and sees something in her chest and sees the Doctor. Something starts saying pain and Bill get out of bed. Bill ventures out into what appears to be a hospital. The “pain” warning is rather annoying. As Bill approaches the creature giving out the pain distress and tries to help them but not before she is interrupted by a nurse and the man she saw before. He doesn’t reveal her, and when she can come out, she sees the nurse just turned down the volume and didn’t help the suffering person.

The mysterious gentleman is back and saves her. He takes her to get tea, and she follows him into what appears to be an office or workshop. She interrogates him about where she is, how she got here, and what happened to her. She apparently had her heart replaced and that she’s been there for weeks and even months. She asks about where they are and he explains that the bottom of the ship is must faster than the top of the ship. He says “so you don’t know,” and we head back to the Doctor explaining what is going on. Bill is obsessively watching the Doctor and the conversation he is having. The nurse comes in to tell Bill to get to work and that her heart will not function if she leaves the hospital. The editing in this episode is great back and forth between the Doctor and where Bill is living. It works well to build the suspense and keep you invested in the episode.

As the people come out of conversion, they appear to be more and more like Cybermen with the way they walk and their voices. Bill goes to the man outside, and he shows her what it is like out there. He tells her that they must evolve to survive and that people are dying. They must leave the city and take command of the ship. Bill’s heart starts to alert, and she must return to the hospital. The Doctor, Nardole and Missy head down. Bill asks when the lift is going to arrive and he won’t tell her. They venture together and go into the theater, and he brought her to be changed. She is going to become a Cyberman! The Doctor, Nardole, and Missy arrive. Missy works on the computer while Nardole and the Doctor go to find Bill. Bill’s friend comes and says he is happy to meet Missy and it took him a while to figure out who she was. He still keeps nagging her and telling her she has been here before.

The Doctor and Nardole investigate and find the Mondasian Cyberman. Missy figures it out too and runs toward to the Doctor, but he stops her and tells her the Doctor won’t forgive her for what he did to his friend. The big reveal finally happens, and we see that Bill’s friend is The Master and says that he is really worried about his future!

The Cyberman tells him that he is Bill Potts and that she waited for him. All three of them, Missy, the new Cyberman Bill, and The Master all team up against the Doctor calling this less of an exodus and more of the genesis of the Cybermen. There is real fear in the Doctor’s eyes as Bill repeats “I waited for you,” and a tear comes down her cheek.

This episode is very eery and suspenseful. It is easily one of my favorite episodes of the new season. The people with their faces covered, the eery set design and the music all work well to create this incredible atmosphere. The people were saying “kill me,”pain,” and more are just heartbreaking and disturbing. The genesis of the Cybermen is fascinating and leaves the audience in disbelief and craving more. The suspense in this episode is done with perfection and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It sets up perfectly for the final episode of the season until the Christmas episode. I think that Moffat is going to go out with the BANG. I can’t wait!

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