Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: “Meet the New Boss” Review


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: “Meet the New Boss” Review

S.H.I.E.L.D. officially has a ghost problem, and their new boss is shrouded in mystery.

Warning: Full SPOILERS will be present in this review. I mean, you’re reading this because you saw the episode, right?

The main draw for the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD has been the involvement of Ghost Rider. So obviously, at some point, we’d be dealing with ghosts and the supernatural. We got a taste of some paranormal activity last week when a spirit from the mystery box was unleashed by Chinese gangsters, causing anyone in the spirit’s path to become delusional. In this week’s second episode, “Meet the New Boss”, ghosts were on full display, and they came with a new mystery. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention last week, May was exposed to the ghostly powers, and is now seeing demons. To tell you the truth, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with these ghosts, but I think that was part of the episode’s intentions. The lady ghost from the big box seeked out other ghosts who were trapped in an energy lab. Once she freed them, they kept yelling and pointing fingers at each other, referring to a “he” who put them there. There’s a mystery afoot and Ghost Rider may be involved.

One of the most tense but awesome moments of “Meet the New Boss” was seeing Daisy confront Robbie in front of his fellow mechanics at their garage, acting like they were old friends, revealing she did some research on him in an attempt to get him riled up. She basically interrogates him until he’s had enough and a quick fight between the two breaks out. He manages to knock her out and the interrogation is reversed. He’s able to find out Daisy basically has a death wish. Once Daisy mentions the energy lab, Robbie takes off in his awesome car. She pursues, and we were treated to a cool, quick pursuit. I loved the tense dialogue spoken between the characters. I already know Chloe Bennet is one talented actress, and this episode showcased that talent well, but I’m liking Gabriel Luna’s performance in this show. I appreciate the little bits of action between the two, but the conversation was just as exciting.

The one thing I didn’t want to see happen yet was Daisy return to SHIELD. Last week, she made it clear that she wanted to work alone, and SHIELD made it clear they were not pursuing her. We had a brief reunion with her, Mack and Fitz at the energy lab. While they were investigating how the ghost from the box came to be, Daisy was still chasing after Ghost Rider. Daisy saved Mack and Fitz using her powers which fractured her hand since her powers are making her very weak. Mack patched up her hand, allowing for a much needed conversation between the three. Mack tries to convince her to return to SHIELD. However, Fitz definitely does not agree with Daisy’s current status, and he let her know it. It was another tense scene of dialogue I enjoyed. Personally, I’m enjoying the lone wolf approach to the Daisy Johnson character. I want to see how far she can get without SHIELD. And when she does eventually reunite with her former team, I want it to be well earned. Fortunately, she did leave Mack and Fitz behind in favor of teaming up with Robbie to figure out what’s up with these ghosts.

In this episode, we met the new director, but his identity is still very much a mystery. One important reveal we did get on the guy is… he’s an inhuman! I’m a comic book guy but I am not very familiar with The Inhumans, but I’m willing to bet he’s a very important character in the Marvel Universe. As for the actor who plays him, it’s one of the many voices of Batman that’s not Kevin Conroy, Jason O’Mara. I don’t know if I’m supposed to hate or like this guy, but I kinda like him so far. But is he friend or foe? I very much look forward to finding out more. He’s kind of charming, and his exchanges with Coulson were interesting. He claims he needs and trusts Coulson, but he dropped the “classified bomb” on him Phil when he wanted to know what they were going to do in curing May from her delusional problem. Also, he wants to make the SHIELD program public again. Is this good or bad?

Regarding May, it’s rare we see her in a vulnerable state, but she was trippin’ this week. She tried to hide her hallucinations from SHIELD, but eventually it became too much for her to bear. Coulson’s attempts to keep her calm failed but it was a worthy effort. Watching her annihilate her team as they tried to subdue her was intense. The scene had some awesome fight choreography. But now we’re left wondering where is she being taken to for treatment, and how long will it be before we see our favorite ass kicking agent back on her feet.

“Meet the New Boss” had a slight slow down from last week’s episode, but it was still a well-rounded episode that sets itself up for some wild supernatural stuff. The acting was once again solid, and while there was slightly less action than last week, there was still plenty of excitement and intrigue. The ghost effects were decent enough, but at times they looked a little shoddy. However, the Ghost Rider transformation still looks awesome. It’s still very early in the season, so obviously we’re going to get more questions before we get answers. I am on pins and needles right now, wanting to know more about the new director, what will happen to May, what’s up with these ghosts, how is Robbie involved, and how long Daisy is going to have a blatant disregard for her life. So I would say this episode did its job.

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