Star Wars The Force Awakens Global Press Day Recap

Star Wars The Force Awakens Global Press Day Recap

On Sunday December 6, 2015, I was lucky enough to attend the Global Press Day for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Below is a quick recap of what happened leading up to the event as well as videos to the complete press conferences that took place that afternoon.

BB8 and Scott Menzel

On December 1, 2015, I received a press invite via email telling me that there was going to be this major event but was given very little information about where or what it was going to be. Obviously, the folks over at Disney wanted to keep this hush hush since the level of Star Wars fandom is quite possibly bigger than any other fandom on the planet and that includes both Marvel and DC.

On Friday, December 4, 2015, I received my confirmation email about the Star Wars Event and was told the location. It was noted that sharing the location of this event was strictly prohibited. I made sure at that point to turn off my location settings and keep the event to myself leading up to the morning of the 6th.

On Sunday, December 6, 2015, I headed to the event and was pretty amazed at how top secret it actually was. The event was held at a fairly large arena in Los Angeles but with how undercover everything was, no one besides the studio and the press knew it was even going on. I will applaud Disney as well as my fellow journalists for keeping this event off the record. It made the experience much more magical.STORMTROOPERSWalking into the event, I was asked whether I was part of the Light or Dark side and naturally I said Dark side. I then proceeded through the security checkpoint where I entered a huge room filled of all things Star Wars.

There were several posters from the film as well as theater display for the film. Along one of the sides was a series of booths featuring various merchandise from the new film as well as well as a Disney Infinity booth. Journalists had the opportunity to test out a new virtual reality game from Samsung and also were presented the opportunity to create their own unique Force Awakens t-shirt.

Along the back wall, there were photo opportunities to be had with BB8, R2-D2, and C3PO. I, of course, took advantage of these photo ops because it was too good to pass up. There was also three storm troopers on display.

As the start time for the press conference drew near, I stood in line with my fellow press colleagues as we talked and watched various members of the Force Awakens including JJ Abrams and John Boyega walk by us in line.  On the other side of this very line that we stood in to get into the room where the press conferences were taking place were various costumes from the film including Kylo Ren.KyloRenAs they started checking us in for the press conference, we walked into another room which featured even more costumes from the film on some epic displays including the Captain Phasma costume. Everyone gathered around to take photos and selfies.

After taking various photos, I walked into the actual room where the conference was about the take place. i was lucky enough to get a seat about 5 rows from the stage on the aisle. The room was setup with several video cameras as well as audio feeds for us journalists to hook up our recorders.

The press conference was moderated by Mindy Kaling who brought an incredibly fun vibe to the event. She opened it up asking silly and fun questions to lighten the mood before everyone and their brother raised their hands to get a question in.

The press conference was broken down into two different parts:PartoneThe first part included Carrie Fisher (“Leia”), JJ Abrams (Director/Producer), Daisy Ridley (“Rey”), Adam Driver (“Kylo Ren”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Maz Kanata”) and screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan.

parttwoThe second part included Harrison Ford (“Han Solo”), John Boyega (“Finn”), Oscar Isaac (“Poe Dameron”), Gwendoline Christie (“Captain Phasma”), and the film’s producer Kathleen Kennedy.

All in All, I think Disney did a wonderful job setting up this event and gave journalists something to brag about to their friends and family. They even provided a large buffet spread of various food options that ranged from meatloaf sliders to vegetarian options as well as the opportunity to sample some new Star Wars Ice Cream.

It was a great time and I, for one, am just thankful that I was included in the festivities. Disney really knows how to throw a party and this was one hell of an event.Scott Menzel, R2D2, C3PO

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