iZombie Returns Monday, Feb. 26th: Five Questions We NEED To Be Answered!

iZombie Returns Monday, Feb. 26th: Five Questions We NEED To Be Answered!

The end of season 3 was a wild and crazy ride leaving fans with so many questions. As the premiere of season 4 approaches, we MUST know the answers to these burning questions.

This article is spoiler heavy on season 3, so if you have not seen it is the entirety, you have been warned! 


At the conclusion of season 3, we ended with Liv having to scratch Ravi to see if the zombie vaccination he created would work. This left us with our mouths on the floor. We could say, “no, Ravi looks normal in the clips from season 4, but now with Liv’s new non-Zombie look, WE HAVE NO IDEA! You’re killin’ me!

2. Are Justin and Liv done after her *cough, cough* indiscretions with Chase Graves? 

I mean, it was hot. We all love Jason Dohring, but poor Justin. He was such a nice guy!

3. Is Major a zombie again or is he just with Fillmore Graves? 

Will he? Won’t he? We know which side Major is on, but will be a zombie once again?

4. What will this new Zombie Occupied Seattle look like and what will we learn in season 4? 

The writers have opened a door that leads them to a variety of storylines. How will they play the zombies versus humans? Will we empathize more with zombies or humans in this post-Discovery Day world? We know that Fillmore Graves will be heavily involved, but we have no idea how humans are going to react apart from the small fight at the end of the finale.

5. Who will our new love interest be? 

Most of the relationships have fizzled out with the explosive news given to Justin in the season finale, so do we have hope for love in the 4th season? Maybe a Liv and Major revival since he COULD be a zombie once again?

Don’t forget to tune into iZombie on Monday, February 26th for the Season 4 premiere! 

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