Supergirl “Stronger Together” Review

Supergirl “Stronger Together” Review: The Series Has Landed, But There’s Some Learning To Do.

Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Danvers/Supergirl in SUPERGIRL, on the CBS Television Network.

Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Danvers/Supergirl in SUPERGIRL, on the CBS Television Network.

Supergirl is still flying strong in her second week! Not only does this show really prove her a hero, but it also helps us relate to Kara as she struggles to be the superhero Superman is, while also working her job for Cat Grant and trying to learn exactly how to do the things she can do and what exactly is the right way to do them. Thanks to this plotline and Melissa Benoist’s wonderful performances, Kara Danvers is someone that Clark Kent has been struggling to be for the past 25 years: someone we like and can relate to.

In the beginning, Kara decides to do big things that she has seen fully-experienced Superman do thousands of times: save boats and big things. However, since Kara has only been fully using her powers for about a week, she doesn’t exactly know the power of her strength and how to use her intellect like Superman does and accidentally causes an oil spill. From there, she and friends Jimmy Olsen and Winslow realize she needs to start smaller and, with the news of new issues popping up, Kara starts saving a few people from small robberies, saving animals from tress (but not the ones you’re thinking of) and being a local hero, building up her strength. This is an extremely smart way to get us to care about Kara and relate to her, feeling like we are in her cape and shoes. The effects, the story, the performances, Kara is someone we can relate to and look up to at the same time, much like Spider-Man.


The other plotlines here involve Kara’s relationship to her human sister Alex and the DEO. Both urge Kara to train and realize her power WITHOUT her superpowers, which again is smart and helps us see Kara rather than Supergirl. The Alex/Kara relationship is great as well, really showing their sisterhood and love for one another. Hank Henshaw also works well as the head of the DEO, wanting to be in control but still realizing when Supergirl is the best option.

The main plot for this season (and/or series) has arrived in the form of Kara’s aunt, General Astra. She is the twin sister of Kara’s mother and played by the same actress, which can be confusing until you are really paying attention to the expository dialogue. She is interesting enough for now, but I’m going to wait for future episodes before I say whether she is a good or bad villain.

I honestly have very few problems with this show, only really some confusion with Astra’s actress and some bad lighting in some shots of Supergirl. But overall, it’s colorful, it’s light but still dramatic and full of charisma. So far, the show is amazing and I am loving it.

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!):

-Cat Grant got some development here! I look forward to the interview.
-Okay, who’s Hank really? I hope he’s not a villain, that story’s been done to death in other superhero shows (Flash much?).

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