Timeless “The World’s Columbian Exposition” Review

Timeless “The World’s Columbian Exposition” Review

Timeless picks up where the show last left off with Lucy kidnapped by Flynn and Wyatt and Rufus left stunned. Rufus and Wyatt return to the compound, and they tell Agent Christopher that he took Lucy. They attempt to track Flynn’s actions and figure out where he is. Lucy is working on a computer with Flynn standing over her when the time machine comes back. He has Lucy searching for Rittenhouse’s son, but she can’t find him. Flynn now has a plan to take down every member of Rittenhouse, one person at a time, no matter how long it takes.

They jump to the Chicago World’s Fair with the world’s first Ferris wheel. Flynn plans to attend a meeting with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and JP Morgan and he plans to kill them all and Lucy must help him. While Lucy is stuck in Chicago, Rufus tells Connor he erased the recording and Connor tells him that he should run away so Rittenhouse can’t get him.

Flynn plans to plant a bomb where the Rittenhouse meeting is set to happen. He tells Lucy that he sent Rufus and Wyatt to a hotel known as the murder hotel where people were killed by the first serial killer, HH Holmes. The hotel itself is creepy and filled with candelabras, peep holes in the walls and old wooden walls. Wyatt and Rufus search the hotel. They get locked in rooms that are shortly filled with gas.

Flynn and Lucy attend a show by Harry Houdini and Lucy volunteers from the audience. Houdini is locked into a trunk while handcuffed and he escapes. Lucy look around backstage and meets with Houdini to tell him how much she loves him and tricks him and take him to Flynn. They take Houdini and Lucy to a building where Houdini picks the lock. Houdini and Flynn enter. Flynn wants Houdini to pick the lock, but he decides to get in another way. Houdini pulls a trick a gets Flynn’s gun and handcuffs him. Houdini saves Lucy and gets the bomb.

Wyatt and Rufus wake up in a basement type area with Rufus and two other people. They realize that the room is airtight and sealed and they could run out of oxygen. They can’t figure out a way to escape and talk. The woman figures out that the material in one brick is deteriorating and they can try to make a noise to get someone to help them.

Lucy convinces Houdini that he needs to help her get Wyatt and Rufus out of the murder hotel. They arrive and start looking around. Holmes sees them enter. They hear Wyatt yelling, and they jump in a duct to help them. Houdini picks the lock, and they escape. Wyatt says they aren’t done yet. Wyatt takes the caretaker to the upstairs office to find the owner and murderer. It turns out that the man that Wyatt and Rufus were locked with, George, is the killer. He locks Lucy in a small compartment. Lucy stops him by talking about who he is and what she knows about him. She stalls him just enough time so Wyatt and Rufus can save her.

Flynn stays handcuffed until they come and let him out. The attacks and shoots the men holding him.

They all make it back, and Rufus decides to record a message for Rittenhouse telling him he’s done and will continue to pilot the lifeboat as long as they leave him alone and let them try to get Flynn. He gives it to Connor to give to Rittenhouse. Wyatt receives a call from Flynn with the name of the person who murdered his wife and asks him what he is going to do with the new knowledge he has?

This episode of Timeless is one of the most thrilling in a while. The story is full of suspense and drama. The storytelling is amazing, and the set designs are creepy inside the murder hotel. Seeing Houdini was exciting and all of the storylines developed in this episode. The costume design was still beautiful and transports you in time. Timeless just keeps getting better!

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  1. Great review.

  2. Thank you for reading. Very sad the show wasn’t renewed.

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