The Post Review: Steven Spielberg’s Award-Worthy Middle Finger to the Trump Administration.

Scott Menzel reviews the latest Steven Spielberg film, The Post starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Bradley Whitford.

9 Amazing

Darkest Hour Movie Review: Dunkirk Origins

The new movie about Winston Churchill’s rise to leadership in World War II could actually be a prequel to this summer’s Dunkirk. It is about the decisions made that led to Operation Dynamo. It could e...

Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Abdul Available on Digital December 5th & Blu-Ray / DVD December 19th

Victoria & Abdul available on Digital December 5th, 2017 and on Blu-Ray & DVD December 19th from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Screamfest Review: Trench 11 – World War WTF

Often the way to make a solid horror film for not a lot of money is to pick a contained location and focus on the intimate threat, a la Night of the Living Dead or Cube. The test is how big a picture ...

Goodbye Christopher Robin Movie Review: Throw The Book At Him

I feel like the inspiration of authors should be a fertile subject for movies. Yet many of the most acclaimed author biopics leave me cold. Finding Neverland, Miss Potter and The Hours to name a few j...

Breathe Movie Review: Quality of Life

Breathe is the Wages of Fear of polio survival movies. It really is two hours of all the things that could kill someone who needs to live on a respirator. It’s not even as moving as similar paralysis ...

Goodbye Christopher Robin

“Goodbye Christopher Robin” Review

Ashley Menzel reviews Goodbye Christopher Robin, which gives us a view into the history of the famous Winnie the Pooh series.

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Victoria & Abdul (2017) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Victoria & Abdul’ Brings to Life a Fascinating, Unexpected Friendship

Matt Marshall reviews 'Victoria & Abdul,' starring Judi Dench is based on the queen's unexpected friendship with an Indian Muslim manservant.

7 Good

Mark Felt Movie Review: Mark Felt Boring

I was really excited to find out what Mark Felt up. Okay, I was just excited to make that junior high level joke but I did figure it would be a compelling story of the other side of Watergate. Mark Fe...

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