Agent Carter “The Atomic Job” Review

Agent Carter “The Atomic Job” Review by KevinAgent Carter Morrison



Peggy, Jarvis and Souza team up with a few other unlikely spy heroes to break in and stop an atomic blast planned by Whitney Frost in what is the funest of episodes this week on Agent Carter!

Now halfway through this season (why are there only 10 of these wonderful episodes!?), Agent Carter goes for the underdog feel more than ever by teaming up with a woman named Rose and a man named Samberly. There is an excellent Reservoir Dogs slow-mo style walk set to 40s jazz which is awesome and hilarious at the same time as we see Peggy and Souza team up with inexperienced field workers trying their best to help.


Agent Carter

There’s a ton of gadget use here as well, including a memory-wipe that is humorously used on Hugh Jones over…and over…and over again. It’s very much a 40s style spy thriller and every aspect is done so well. I like how the show can blend humor and action so effortlessly and still get us to very much care about these characters. It’s a simple episode this week, but executed very well thanks to the cast and production teams.

On top of all this, there is some romance here. Peggy and Souza have hinted at feelings for one another, but here Souza has proposed to another girl, surprising yet also sweet. I don’t want to give away much here but it all feels natural and it is a smart way to add romantic tensions to this show without making it feel forced or cliched.

Agent Carter gives us a fun heist this week and a ton of fun as usual. Season 2 has been just as great as Season 1, if not even better. There’s more to explore and it’s fun to see Peggy on our TVs kicking ass again.

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