Arrow: ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’ Review


Arrow: ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’ Review

Vigilante targets Mayor Queen.

Warning: This Arrow review will be filled with spoilers.

Yes, thank the TV Gods! After quite a few episodes (some of them good though) stalling out the conflict of our main season plot, or even ditching it entirely,  “Fighting Fire With Fire” finally pits us against Prometheus once again, along with some Vigilante. We got both villains, a lot of action, story and character development, even some self aware gags along the way. This is what makes Arrow the show I love.

Well hell, let’s get into it. Prometheus finally took off his mask and showed his pretty, little face. It was not a shocker to me, but rather the confirmation I’ve been waiting for. Adrian Chase is in fact Prometheus. This reveal comes right after a quick confrontation with Vigilante, as each villain tries to call dibs on Oliver’s life. By the way, I just have to mention, I love the score used every time there’s a reveal. Reminds me of one of those video games that gives you a timer, and the music intensifies when time is running out. Anywayz, what does this mean exactly? I don’t know, we don’t know, and that’s the beauty of it. Although this gave us a big answer as to who exactly Prometheus is, it now gave us like a trillion other questions to ask. And that’s totally okay. The mystery is exciting.

I’ve been saying throughout the season that Chase had to be Prometheus, but I have not questioned why until this point. One major question at a time, that’s how I roll. So who the hell is Oliver Queen to Adrian Chase? Why has Chase gone through this amount of trouble to ruin Queen, while infiltrating his inner circle at the mayor’s office? To find out his motives, we’ll just have to keep watching obviously. But man, this is exciting!

So now who’s Vigilante? Adrian Chase is supposed to be the masked killer according to the comics. As I said before, this show has every right to take liberties in the way the producers wish to tell the story. Yet, as the show has been rolling along, it’s been becoming more and more like the comics. One has to wonder if the Chase/Vigilante aspect has to become the exception in order to elude the comic readers and shock the spectators. Or… is Chase still both villains? Up until now, the two have never been in the same space together. They have now, but does that necessarily mean Chase is only Prometheus? It could be, as my niece puts it, “a Scream Queens moment”. I don’t watch Scream Queens, so I don’t know the specifics of what she means, but I get the idea. It could be a ruse. What would be the benefit of that? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but perhaps the encounter was planned and recorded by someone working with Chase. You know, someone like Evelyn. I mean, where the hell is she? I was toying with the idea that she donned the Vigilante suit when Adrian couldn’t. Like when he stood by Oliver’s side at the press conference. However, her body type doesn’t match. So maybe there’s a third person involved. Or maybe I just have to except the fact that Adrian Chase is not Vigilante. But I’m not ready to put my theory to bed.

So then who the hell is Vigilante if not Chase? It’s pretty obvious Adrian Chase actor, Josh Segarra is voicing Vigilante. There’s been pieces of evidence that suggest he is Vigilante. One more recently was in “Spectre of the Gun”. Chase was in a rush to leave the hospital after getting shot. Shortly afterwards, Vigilante appeared. As I said before, this episode’s reveal was great and necessary, but now it’s left so many question behind. If Chase isn’t Vigilante, I have no idea who is. With the laundry list of enemies Oliver has made, it could be anybody.

Man, there was so much that happened in this episode. And if I could write that much about a reveal that only took a couple of minutes, the rest of what happened is going to be very hard to condense. Bear with me.


The major plot was certainly focused on the pending impeachment of Oliver Queen, which was surprisingly exciting. Picking up from last week’s bombshell that had the media getting wind of the cover up with Detective Malone’s murder case. Ollie faced a lot of dramatic obstacles as he tried to keep his mayoral status, as well as patch things up with Susan Williams. It’s funny to think how I hated this idea of Oliver being mayor. Now, I’m over here afraid his administration is about to fall apart. This was another episode that presented challenges Oliver Queen had to face as Mayor, not as the Green Arrow. Being that he sustained injuries publicly as mayor after an attack on his motorcade by Vigilante, and he often had to be present in the public eye, it made it impossible for him to don the suit for the entire episode – minus the flashback where he wears the original suit. So Ollie had to rely heavily on both his political team and his crime fighting team, which gave every cast member something important to do. It was nice that by the end of it all, Ollie acknowledged the team’s help. Now I kind of took that as the writers pointing out that while the team had a sluggish start in the beginning, their efforts and teamwork has paid off.


Much of the team’s success came from Curtis’ balls… I know, the episode had enough jokes like that. I apologize. Curtis utilized his tech skills to create his T-Spheres to help prevent Vigilante from assassinating Oliver. I’m not even going to begin to explain how they work, but seeing them in action, tracking down the bad guy and taking him out with a self aiming effect, was pretty damn awesome. Curtis’ crime fighting skills took fight, but his love life crashed and burned. Paul led Curtis to believe they’d get back together again. But you can’t be a superhero without some torment. Paul showing up with divorce papers was such a bitch move. Sucks to see Curtis’ confidence rise up, only for his husband to crush him like that. You’re a dick, Paul.

Felicity’s hacking addiction is growing faster by the episode. The Pandora drive is like a drug to her at this point. Despite Diggle’s attempt to keep Felicity from going in too deep with this hacking business, she decided to join the same secret hacktivist group that gave her the Pandora drive. I wonder just how far they will go with Felicity’s arc. She’s getting in deep fast. It’s only a matter of time before something very bad happens to her. I also wonder if the hacker group knows anything about Felicity’s work with Team Arrow. I’m betting her actions are putting the team in danger. Whatever happens, I hope there isn’t a quick fix to make everything right. I want there to be some serious conflict within this character.

Speaking of making things right, Felicity did make sure Susan Williams got her job back by removing the incriminating evidence from her computer. I guess Susan is a good girl after all since she promised to keep Oliver’s secret. I’d still like to know why she was snooping around for information on Oliver though. Looks like her and Ollie are going to hook back up. Oh, wait, Chase now has his hands on her. There is a variety of things he could do to her, and they all are bad. Then again, this could all be another ruse. She could be working with Prometheus and… no? Okay, fine.


In contrast to Felicity getting in too deep, this week we also saw Thea getting closer to her mother’s dirty tactics. Fortunately for her, she did some soul searching before she blackmailed a city council member to vote against Oliver’s impeachment. She resigned before she could make any more bad decisions. I was happy they continued this issue from last week. Thea making drastic political decisions like her mother was a good moral dilemma for the character to face. It definitely brought a fire out in Willa Holland’s performance. I also think they are ending it at the right time. It was shocking enough for her to consider blackmailing someone, but even more shocking was her suggesting they make Malone out to be a corrupt cop, making the cover up look like they were safeguarding his family. If she had gone through with any of it, that may have made the character irredeemable. While it’s starting to become somewhat of a joke for Thea to have to take time to “work on herself”, this was probably a good time for her to do so.

Although it’s hardly worth mentioning, I thought it was kind of cute Dinah had a minor slip up when she, on active police duty, followed Oliver, Quentin and Thea into the mayor’s office to discuss strategy. Another minor development has Rene trying to curb his condescending tone towards Curtis. Both moments were minor, but I enjoy moments like this from Team Arrow.

So now the team faces a new challenge with Oliver’s impossible decision to declare the Green Arrow an enemy of the city at his press conference. It was either that, get impeached or blackmail people. With Green Arrow being public enemy number one now, it’s going to make it hard for Oliver to lead his team. I’m wondering if he’ll even have to take a hiatus from crime fighting. If he continues, he has a stronger chance of getting caught. Perhaps this episode was a sneak peak of sorts, by showing us a possible new direction the show can take. With the team finding its footing and kicking ass without the Green Arrow being present, maybe they will be the ones handling the vigilante justice in the city while Oliver focuses on his administration. This is all of course after the Prometheus threat is handled. I honestly don’t think that’ll be a bad thing. It will allow the other characters to grow even further. Oliver will always be able to mentor them anyway. Or, maybe Oliver will end up getting caught anyway. There are other who know his secret.


Then we have the Bratva flashbacks. Last week, I felt like the standoff between Oliver, Anatoly and Gregor was pointless, especially with the last scene putting Anatoly’s life in danger when we already knew he wasn’t going to die. Well, after a Bratva captain steps in and tells Gregor they must honor their code and the Bratva has to vote if Gregor has a right to kill Anatoly, Anatoly tells Oliver their lives have been extended, and it might make for a good movie. That line was genius. I felt like it spoke directly to anyone who may have complained about this flashback’s progress. And you know what, for the most part, I get it. There is still more story to tell. It was actually cool to see Oliver and Anatoly find a way to turn the Bratva against Gregor after they found undeclared deposits between him and Kovar. It raised the stakes of the plot now that a war could be on the rise.

I think that about does it for this packed, well balanced installment. This was a great one due to the amount of character development and plot reveals. It’s probably becoming unnecessary to say this, but the performances were once again solid, with Stephen Amell once again in top form. The teamwork was at an all time high. Even with the absence of Green Arrow, the team really established themselves as a dominant unit, capable of fighting the good fight without their leader. Lastly, it just felt satisfying to get touch bases with the main story and villain. I honestly didn’t expect the Prometheus reveal this week. Even though the reveal was exciting, I feel it was only the tip of the iceberg.

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