Arrow: ‘The Sin-Eater’ Review

arrow sin eater

Arrow: ‘The Sin-Eater’ Review

Uh oh, it’s the return of Cupid, China White, and… Liza Warner? Who’s that again?

Warning: Yup, this review, like so many others, contains spoilers.

This week’s Arrow was a thrilling, fast paced hour of excitement… buuuut it was also an hour containing some flawed storytelling and a lack of Prometheus development. And with this being the 14th episode of the season, that’s kind of a problem.

One of the major hit-or-miss factors involved the main plot of the episode. We saw the return of three throw away villains from past seasons. First there’s Cupid. She’s always been a hit-or-miss villain for me. I appreciate her crazy factor (and attractiveness), but she has never been a character with any real depth. To be quite honest, she can be quite annoying most of the time. I can say even less for China White. Though I thought she was a cool introductory villain for season one, she never reached the level of compelling villainy. I barely remember much of her antics at all, to be honest. Plus, she just kind of went away. Liza Warner, a former cop, is someone I remember even less than China White. Though out of the three, she at least had more of a motive and a story, using Quentin Lance’s history with Damien Darhk as an excuse for her criminal activity. She took offense that Lance put her on the straight path, but then teamed up with the terrorist – a plot even I wasn’t too thrilled about.

The main motive for the three woman was money. They escaped a prison transport to seek out Tobias Church’s secret stash of $100 million. Okay, fair enough. Not a bad plot for a filler episode. But it’s too late in the season for a non Prometheus plot, don’t ‘cha think? Especially when the episode began with Oliver tracking down the suspected mother of Prometheus. Now although this plot brought fourth some awesome action, a large body count, and a chance for Lance to pick up a gun and get involved in the action, it once again brought a halt to our team seeking out Prometheus and Evelyn. Hey, I complained about this during last week’s episode, I gotta do it here too. I was hoping the three ladies where at least working with Prometheus as allies. Maybe working together to build an army for Prometheus. Warner even said they were planning on taking back the city, but made no mention of Prometheus, leaving this as an isolated incident. The three did work great together as a deadly trio. Under filler circumstances, I’d love to see them team up again. But like I said: Prometheus, Evelyn. Let’s find them. Put ’em down

Also, despite the history between China White and, especially, Cupid have with the Green Arrow, there was a sense of detachment between the three in how they interacted. Cupid had a major crush on the Arrow, but she didn’t even so much as blow at kiss at him. The only thing China said to Green Arrow was she was going to enjoy watching the cops take him down. I just thought there’d be some sort of emotional response with these three crossing paths again.

Okay, moving on…

What kept this from being a filler episode was the fact that the Green Arrow had to answer for the death of Detective Malone. Despite Adrian Chase covering up the matter, the information regarding the evidence was leaked, causing the police to target the Green Arrow. Obviously, things were settled, Mayor Oliver assured Lt. Pike of the Green Arrow’s innocence, and that conflict was smashed. But then… the information leaked out to the media, and now Oliver’s political career may be coming to an end because the cover up ties to him. The plot within the episode was fine, but nothing special. However, it’s the bombshell at the end where Oliver sees this revelation unfold on TV that has me intrigued. Is this all part of Prometheus’ plan? Or maybe it was Adrian who leaked the info. There has been speculation – I think at one point, even I mentioned it on a review – Adrian Chase might be Prometheus, as well as Vigilante. It’s almost a guarantee he’s the latter, being Chase is Vigilante in the comics. Next week’s previews suggest Vigilante is targeting Oliver. Now unless the show breaks continuity from the comics, as is often does, and Chase isn’t Vigilante, there might have been fuel fed to the fire that Chase might be both Vigilante and Prometheus after all. Chase is the one who setup the cover up. Why would Chase dress up as Vigilante to target Oliver if he wasn’t working with or is Prometheus? This is an incredibly intriguing setup either way. It has me very excited for next week’s episode because we will finally see some interesting development in the Prometheus/Vigilante story.

arrow sin eater

What I find funny is how Oliver jokingly and accidentally admitted to being the Green Arrow twice in the same episode. I’d like to believe this was an intentional rip on how carelessly Oliver, as well as other heroes of the Arrow-verse, constantly reveal their identities. But maybe that wasn’t the intention, I don’t know. Either way, on both occasions it works in context to the story. With Susan Williams, the joke caused a conflict between her and Oliver. When Oliver as Green Arrow says very similar words in regards to the Green Arrow having to live/deal with the mistake of killing Malone to Lt. Pike, he most certainly outed himself accidentally, which could come back to haunt him in the future. Or help, maybe.

I’m a bit confused with the Susan Williams story. I still think Oliver as mayor of Star City with so many secrets to hide – you know, like, being the Green Arrow! Being a former Bratva captain! –  hooking up with a journalist is a ridiculous character flaw. Yet, this episode suggests she may not have been out to ruin him after all. She just figured it out with some help from an associate. Perhaps just as a background check to see who she was sleeping with. With Thea and Felicity forging incriminating evidence of plagiarism in her computer, it got her fired from her reporting job and barred to go public. Which was a really crappy thing to do on both Thea and Felicity’s part. Susan seemed so hurt, that I almost want to believe she did not have devious intentions. That maybe she actually cared for Oliver. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense. They really set her up to make it look like she was treating Oliver as a news story. I thought maybe Felicity would magically wipe all the incriminating evidence from Susan’s computer to make everything all better, but apparently not. I kind of feel bad for the girl. But I also can’t help but think she might be the one to have leaked the information on the cover up to the press. Also, she might be part of Prometheus’ plans. This show has given me major trust issues.

So we already know Felicity is headed down a dark path with her hacking. How she messed with Susan’s computer without hesitation was alarming. However, it’s Thea coming up with the idea to protect her brother that’s a fascinating development. As Oliver told her, that’s a move their mother, Moira Queen would have pulled. Thea apologized for her actions, but she only mildly came off as regretting her decision. It makes me wonder if she’s headed down the same road as Moira or if this was a one time thing. Either way, it gave this episode some really good dramatic beats.

The Bratva flashbacks were also hit-and-miss. Hit mostly do to its entertainment value with plenty of suspense and gunplay. Oliver’s hospital visit with Anatoly continues as they plot to kill Gregor. The two then must escape the hospital because Gregor and his men are there to hunt them down. The miss is, why are we still here? I would have thought this story was done. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember Oliver doesn’t go through with killing Gregor in the future. I’d like for Oliver to get back to training with Talia, please. I guess this Bratva plot has a lot of loose ends it has to tie up first, but it’s going to take a while apparently. The flashback have been good this season. I do not want to see them go downhill. Bad enough the cliffhanger of the flashback has Gregor holding a gun to Anatoly’s head. Um, we already know he doesn’t die. Even with some good action, this section of the episode was dragged out.

With all that was happening, surprisingly, they were able to squeeze in some nice developments for Dinah. She’s been appointed into the SCPD. Oliver fully intends to calls her Black Canary once she’s proven herself worthy of the title. So we are going to get the official character from the comics. I love that she was humble enough to hesitate putting on the Canary mask. Speaks volumes to her character. Most importantly, she is Lance approved. Quentin gave her his blessing to assume the role his daughter established. Aww. One of the coolest moments of the hour was Dinah sonic blasting Cupid, Warner and China as they were attempting flee with Church’s money. This character is so destined for greatness.

arrow sin eater

Lastly, we did get one Quentin/Thea moment. You know I love those. It was a good moment because Thea had to give advice to Quentin even after she committed her own sin. I just think it was odd that she had to convince Quentin, a cop for many years, that he was not responsible for the decisions Warner makes. Still, I love when these two chat.

Whew, okay, I think this review has gone on long enough. Didn’t mean to discuss everything, but oh, well. I enjoyed this episode for its pace and spectacular action. Oliver was insanely busy with this one. The fights were stunning, even with a lack of emotional weight between familiar foes. If only our deadly lady criminals were part of the Prometheus story, this would have been a greater episode. But since they weren’t, it stalled the progress we need at this point in the season. It’s been too long since we’ve seen both Prometheus and Evelyn. We have to get back on track with that. Still, with solid performances, and high entertainment value, this was a worth while episode.

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