Riverdale Returns October 11th: The Questions We NEED Answered!

Riverdale Returns October 11th: The Questions We NEED Answered!

The ending of Season 1 of Riverdale was explosive and not expected by many of the adoring fans. In all its wonderful cliffhanger glory, the fans were left waiting and wondering about the future of many characters on the beloved Riverdale.

If you haven’t watched Riverdale or don’t know what it is about, its Archie comics gone dark and a little more dramatic. The show stars KJ Apa, Lili ReinhartCamila MendesCole Sprouse, Luke Perry, and Madelaine Petsch. This dark telling of the Archie World is something that no one expected. It has quickly won its way into the hearts of many fans, especially those of us a little shocked that Jughead is played by one of the twins who played the kid in Big Daddy. We’re having trouble coping with the smoking hottie that he has become. Is hottie still cool? UGH, I feel old. 

So anyway, there are plenty of spoilers following this portion of the article, so DO NOT continue if you haven’t seen ALL OF THE FIRST SEASON! 



Alright, so all of you here have seen season 1 and therefore cannot be angry if something is ruined from this point out. Season 1 ended with some craziness left up in the air. Some of the things we MUST know in Season 2 are:

  1. Is Fred Andrews alive? I mean we all think he is because YOU CAN’T KILL LUKE PERRY! But still, will we get an answer immediately?
  2. Follow up, who the hell shot him? We all assume it has something to do with Hiram Lodge.
  3. Speaking of Hiram, how much is he going to be in the next season? Mark Consuelos is cast as Hiram, and IMDB lists him appearing in quite a few episodes in the upcoming season, but we still don’t know how much he will play into the story in Riverdale. 
  4. Where will Penelope and Cheryl live now that she has burnt down Thornhill?
  5. Since we learned that Alice had another child, who is that child? Is it someone we know or a new character to Riverdale? Since they’ve said it is a boy, would the writers be so cruel as to ax Bughead and make Jughead the baby and their love incest? Oh, the possibilities. 
  6. Is Archie falling for Betty now that she’s unavailable? The triangle returns but now is it a square since Jughead is involved? Love square?
  7. Will F.P. talk and tell them who is selling the Blossom’s drugs?
  8. What hateful acts will Betty have to endure for her “love” of the Southside Serpents?
  9. Will Polly’s twins be born in Season 2?
  10.  Will we still get a lot of Jughead in Season 2 even though he’s switched teams and headed to the Serpents? We need Jughead.

We hope for answers to all these questions and more as the Season 2 Premiere airs tonight on the CW at 8 PM.

What burning questions do you have for the premiere of Season 2? Comment below!

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