Supernatural: Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox

mv5byjningnjmjktzjmzns00otfjltkwyjgtowm3ywflzgrhota4l2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_In Supernatural: Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox we see how hunters deal with the loss of a fellow hunter.  For the most part they seem to enjoy reminiscing on their past adventures and telling stories about the deceased.  We also get a glimpse of the Winchester’s thoughts on their own inevitable demise.

Asa Fox was a child Mary Winchester saved from a werewolf in Canada in 1980.  He looked up to the mysterious Mary and eventually became a hunter himself.  The opening is an homage to his life.  Asa’s life had been adventurous and full of triumph but he abruptly meets his demise at the end of a rope.  It seems hunters cannot have a peaceful death.  They all seem to meet terrible ends associated with hunting.

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At the funeral they meet Bucky, Asa’s best friend.  The Winchesters learn they are famous among other hunters.  Generally, they keep to themselves and avoid gatherings with other hunters as their father had advised.  Bucky tells them that Asa was killed by a crossroad demon named Jael and that hanging was Jael’s signature.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a crossroad demon.  Again, we are diving deeper into the archive of bad guys the Winchesters have faced.

Mary shows up at the funeral and things start to go down hill.  Dean heads outside for air and before you know it everything is going wrong.  Hunters are being possessed and killed and the house is warded so no one can enter or exit.  Dean meets Billie the Reaper outside and she informs him about whats happening inside since she just reaped a soul.  He tries to get in and she offers him a deal.  Have they learned nothing?  Nothing good comes from making a deal with supernatural beings.  He, of course, agrees and she gets him back inside.

mv5bngjhnzyxyjkty2rhzc00njc4ltk4otctnjy2oddln2nloddil2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_Jael has been busy possessing and killing hunters.  He enters Jody and begins spilling everyones secrets.  As they all work to exorcise Jael, the demon attacks Bucky and insists he tell the truth.  Once Jael is gone the hunters turn to Bucky of the truth.  The night Asa died, Bucky and Asa had an argument while chasing after Jael.  They shoved each other and Asa hit his head and died.  In an attempt to cover everything up, Bucky hangs his best friend and blames Jael.  At this, the hunters tell him this will be his story now, the man who killed his best friend and tried to cover it up.

Once they are outside Billie shows up.  She tells Dean she wants Mary because she doesn’t belong here.  It almost seems Mary will go with her.  Finally Mary tells her she’s going to have to wait.  I have a feeling the end of this season may be Mary leaving with Billie to go back to Heaven.  Mary is still working through things but she has assured Jody it isn’t the boys.  She lets Sam and Dean know she’ll be home soon but that she’s just not ready yet.

Supernatural: Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox brought Mary into an episode but we still have no word on Cass or Crowley.  While I am glad to know Mary doesn’t blame the boys and is working through some personal things I’d still like to see more of the big picture.  We had no word on the British Men of Letters either.  If Mr. Ketch is watching them where has he been over the past couple weeks?

mv5by2vizdcwmjatmgrmyy00yja3lwjkogytzja5yze1odexmgzjl2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_We’re digging deep into the Winchesters past still.  We even had Dean break out the Demon Blade this episode and I can’t remember the last time I saw it.  While I’m sure these stories will connect in the end and could bring us an overall good season, this episode didn’t seem to add much to the season.  Asa was not a character we knew before this episode so there was no attachment for the audience to this character.  We saw others saying their goodbyes and dealing with loss but it really had no impact on the audience.

We see what we’ve known all along.  Dean and his mom have the same moody, brooding personality with their biggest difference being that Dean loves hunting and she doesn’t.  He is fine with the idea of dying on the job and seems to expect it.  Sam will always be conflicted with hunting and wanting to have a “normal” life.  He will never stop trying to get his brother to talk and work things out rather than holding things in.  This episode reinforced all of that.  Will this add to the story?  We’ll only know as the season progresses but at this time this episode falls flat after the fantastic episode we had last week.

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