Supernatural: Our Little World Review


The Winchesters are still searching for Amara with no real understanding of who she is.  Crowley is feeling the strain of Amara growing up quickly and her power is growing even faster.  Cas has been binge watching so much television to keep himself from thinking about what happened while he was under Rowena’s curse.  Just another day for the heroes and villains in Supernatural.

This week began with Amara sucking the soul out of a teenage girl and saying she wanted to be like her.  She must have fed enough to grow more because she got what she wanted.  Amara has grown from a young girl to a teenager.  We’re seeing more of the aftermath of her consuming souls.  We’ve had those obsessed with her, those fearing her and those who have become homicidal.  She’s left a trail of breadcrumbs and the Winchesters are following.

mv5bmja0odg3mzmwnf5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzk4nzqynze-_v1__sx1394_sy753_Sam and Dean contact Cas for some help and find him binge watching Jenny Jones.  Dean explains this is past the point of socially acceptable and recommends getting some air.  Cas tries to leave but has flashes of when he was under Rowena’s spell and goes back to the bunker.  He sees Metatron on the news and sets out to find him.  Metatron has been filming and then selling crime scene footage to news stations.  Cas gets the demon tablet and proceeds to beat Metatron leading to a revelation about God and The Darkness.  Metatron says, “In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he’d ever known: He had to betray and sacrifice his only kin. The Darkness, his sister.”

Crowley is attempting to clean up Amara’s mess by having his demons, few as they may be since Amara’s eaten so many, kill off her victims.  Realizing Amara’s not in Hell, they track her to an asylum.  Crowley knows she’s becoming stronger but asks for patience and in return he’ll protect her until she decides she doesn’t need it.

Sam and Dean are fighting demons and Dean ends up face to face with Amara.  Crowley almost kills Dean but Amara intervenes on his behalf and shows us just how strong she’s becoming.  Amara forces Crowley to say she is no longer his captive and that he will leave Dean unharmed.  She isn’t sure what their connection is, if its because he’s the first of God’s creation that she saw or if there’s something else to it.  They don’t fight or try to kill each other, they go their ways and allow the other to live.

Sam, Dean and Cas meet up at the bunker.  Dean is mad that Cas let Metatron go and Cas is wondering the real reason Dean let Amara go.  Since we have Sam and Dean getting along so well now they needed to create conflict somewhere so Dean and Cas it is.  Sam ends up having a vision of being in Lucifer’s cage.  What do these visions mean and are they from God?  Only time will tell.

supernatural-151112-dean-amaraWe finally get a bit more on Crowley in this episode.  When Amara heads back to Hell, Crowley is waiting for her.  Just like any parent angry at their child for breaking curfew, Crowley tells Amara she’s grounded.  For now he has the upper hand but he needs to be careful because once she’s at full power he may not want to be on her bad side.  Crowley may have raised a son before becoming a demon, but he’s never dealt with a teenage daughter.  Anyone who has sisters or daughters knows the struggle that is a teenage girl.  All Crowley’s doting on Amara early on will probably come back to bite him.

Cas is finally coming out of his Netflix binge after watching some questionable shows.  Who hasn’t been on a Netflix bender and ended up watching shows you’d never really want to admit to anyone.  It’s good to see him back in action and although he did seem to have some PTSD after Rowena’s curse, he was still able to take care of business.

Sam and Dean are working as a cohesive team.  They’re communicating and have a mutual respect for each other.  I do worry all the times they get slammed in the head or choked may have some lasting effects as they get older, but I digress.  Given the connection between Dean and Amara and Sam’s visions of the cage, I can’t help but think there’s will be something to destroy this.  Maybe I’m just pessimistic but I’m sure there will be plenty of trials for them as the season progresses.

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