Timeless Renewal?: What’s Up, Jan?!

Timeless Renewal?: What’s Up, Jan?!

The season finale of NBC’s Timeless aired on Sunday, May 13th and since then, Clockblockers have been flooding social media and the NBC Entertainment account, who has been lovingly named Jan. Each day, thousands of Clockblockers are taking to the internet to express their continued support and passion for the show, yet still, we have no announcement.

Not only do we have the support of fans around the world, but we also have three different celebrity endorsements with Kelly Clarkson, Leslie Jones, and even William Shatner. Leslie Jones promised to march nude in front of the NBC offices.

Last evening at the Billboard Music Awards, Kelly Clarkson shouted out to Timeless and begged once again for renewal.  She gushed about meeting Matt Lanter last week and her fangirling over him.

Mr. Shatner continues to tweet consistently in support of the show and remind NBC of the social media impact Timeless is making. Timeless was trending worldwide for over 3 hours. That is a significant social media impact.

Apart from our celebrity fans, there are a ton of fans who are begging over and over again for the renewal of Timeless for a third season. We have rallied behind the writers, creators, and actors on the show and continue to express support daily. We are a mighty and dedicated bunch just begging NBC and Sony to renew Timeless for a third season.

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